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We are a young couple and we have traveled all around the world to exotic destinations with a black climate footprint. But now its time to change - and we want to prove that it's possible to change bad habits without compromising on either quality, luxury or great holiday experiences.

We have been together for 4 years and we are both very passionate about traveling. We want to make sure that we are able to show our future kids as many incredible places as we have been lucky enough to see.
This is why we have decided to become an eco-friendly travel blog.
If you are interested in reading more about our eco-friendly vision click on the ┬┤Mission statement┬┤ below.

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Roadtrip in Norway


Casa Pedro-pool-Finca-in-Almogia

Casa Pedro Finca Almogia

We have gotten SO many questions about where we are staying in Almogia, Malaga. SO many of you find Casa Pedro as beautiful and scenic as we do and you want to book it for your next vacation! Finally, we are going to spill the deets about Casa Pedro Finca, Almogia. I have the biggest love...

Our favorite eco-friendly clothing brands!

This blog post is not a collaboration, neither is it filled with affiliate links. This is our personal opinion and just good tips and recommendations about our favorite eco-friendly clothing brands that we want to share with you guys! I used to work in the fashion industry and I am...

Juvet Landscape Hotel Norway

Juvet Landscape Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels we have ever stayed at. Furthermore, it is on the complete list of our favorite eco-friendly hotels in 2020! This blog post is a recommendation of Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway.Juvet Landscape Hotel is located in a Norwegian...

Eco-friendly Hotel Arima in San Sebastian

We stayed at Europe’s biggest eco-friendly Hotel Arima in San Sebastian on our road trip from Copenhagen to Malaga. And it was such a pleasure! We were so impressed by the innovative thinking that has created this beautiful space. Hotel Arima is actually on the list of our favorite...

Travel advice for introvert travelers!

One of the things we struggle with the most on a daily basis is that Rasmus is a roaring extrovert and I(Karoline) am very introvert. Opposites attract and all that! This gives us challenges as a couple, as roommates, as travel companions, and as business partners. However, our difference...