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We are eco-friendly travellers

This is where we share our best tips to travel without damaging the planet! We fly maximum once a year, we always stay at eco-friendly hotels and we only collaborate with sustainable businesses.



About us

We are a young couple and we have traveled all around the world to exotic destinations with a black climate footprint. But now its time to change - and we want to prove that it's possible to change bad habits without compromising on either quality, luxury or great holiday experiences.

We have been together for 4 years and we are both very passionate about traveling. We want to make sure that we are able to show our future kids as many incredible places as we have been lucky enough to see.
This is why we have decided to become an eco-friendly travel blog.
If you are interested in reading more about our eco-friendly vision click on the ´Mission statement´ below.

Read our blog Mission Statement

Staycation in Denmark (book + e-book)


The Krane Copenhagen

This blog post is written in collaboration with The Krane Copenhagen, as we stayed at The Krane free of charge. However, everything we write is solely our opinion and is not influenced by any incitement. The background story In 1937 danish importers of coal joined forces in a union to...

How to stay sane in quarantine and isolation

As self-employed travel bloggers, we have a bit of an advantage(if we are not talking economy) in these times of the corona pandemic. We rarely put on pants before four in the afternoon, and when we do it is yoga pants. We do all our work from our laptops and our colleagues are our...

How is your diet affecting your yearly CO2 emissions?

How is your diet affecting your yearly CO2 emissions? So recently we have been digging more into the actual environmental impact different kinds of transportation have. In our latest blog post, we revealed the total cost, time and CO2 emission of our road trip from Copenhagen to Malaga...

Bike vacation through Scandinavia

Bike vacation through Scandinavia

This blog post is an overview of a bike vacation through Scandinavia. More specifically Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. We hope this will inspire your next eco-friendly adventure! As you know, we have a huge love for the Scandinavian summer! The days are long and full of light and the dark...

Eco-friendly vacation ideas!

We are currently planning our next eco-friendly trip, and we thought we would share the different eco-friendly vacation ideas we are considering with you guys! You never know, you might even become a bit inspired and choose a more eco-friendly alternative for your next vacation. This post...