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We are a young couple that has been together for four years and are both very passionate travellers. Over the past year, we have together or alone visited many countries and dozens of cities. We have hundreds of journeys in the pipeline! Our heads are in the clouds! We are fanatic about travelling and are always eager to discover new impressions of well-travelled cities or to deliberately search for an undiscovered paradise. Can’t keep our feet on the ground!

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The Wilderness Village in Värmland

This blogpost contains advertisement Going back to basics in the wilderness. Staying at The Wilderness Village makes you forget everything about time and place. There is no cellphone reception, water, electricity, heat, toilet – no nothing. For many of you, this might seems scary...


This blogpost contains advertisement. We have found the perfect combination between, completely back to basics in the nature and luxery. Getting to Bergaliv Bergaliv is located at the top of a mountain in the Swedish forest.It is not possible to drive to Bergliv doing the wintertime...


This blogpost contains advertisement. Geilo is the oldest ski resort in all of Norway. It is still one of the biggest!The first hotel in Geilo was build in 1890 called Geilo Hotel.Bergen Line which is the train running from Oslo – Bergen goes through Geilo. A sustainable destination...


5 ways how to travel more eco-friendly!

When it comes to travelling and going on vacation we want it to be convenient, efficient and relaxing right? The last thing we want is to stress about being sustainably on the cost of our own convenience. We get it! But it’s just not good enough anymore. When we go on vacation we pollute...


This blogpost contains affiliate links to Clarion Hotel. Bergen is well known for its many rainy days. Not sure if the numbers are correct, but some say more than 300 days a year.However, we were very lucky and had 3 days in Bergen. All with blue sky and beautiful sunshine! It is...


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