Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is easy to guess why. With the mountain range the Sierra Nevada in the south, the volcanic landscape Parque Natural de Timanfaya, Europe’s only desert in Almeria, and the beautiful coastlines with white coastal cities in the North there is no question about it!

Spain consists of 50 provinces, 17 regions, and 5 languages. The country is one of the biggest in Europe, which makes it very varied, and its diversity is surprising to many tourists. Every region has its own culture and perhaps its own language. They do things differently and therefore it is fun to visit different parts of Spain to experience exactly this.

A different way to explore Spain is by walking one of the Camino routes. These routes take you through small villages, medieval churches, fruit plantations, mountains, and the country life of Spain. People will greet you with “Buen Camino” and you will experience people’s kindness. At night you can stay in one of the albergues and meet other pilgrims. They all end up in Santiago de Compostela.

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