Denmark – the land of beautiful coastlines, innovative architecture, and a very old history marked by village churches and Viking castles. The land that invented their own concept – hygge – which basically means having a good time. And Danes do enjoy having a good time. You see it in the food culture, the local beers, their many holidays, and their love for candy. Denmark has all the charm both in culture and nature.

Most tourists visit Copenhagen and this is quite understandable. Copenhagen has historical landmarks but also modern and challenging architectural buildings. You can get everywhere by bike or the metro. Biking in Copenhagen is an authentic experience, but be careful! The Danes take biking very seriously. In Copenhagen, there are plenty of sights in the center, and if you go a bit further, you will experience a multicultural diversity.

Denmark has so much else to offer than just Copenhagen. If you go just an hour north from Copenhagen, you will see beautiful lakes, forests, and castles. In Jutland, which is the mainland, you can visit the pretty city Aarhus or take a road trip up north where the most famous painters in Denmark used to go because of the light. On the top of Denmark, two seas meet and the evening light is really remarkable. You’ll see a buried church, a small desert and you can hike on the Danish “Hærvejen”.

You can also visit some of the many islands around the mainland by ferry. Bring a bike along and bike around the island. People are friendly here and you can buy groceries made by the locals.

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