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We consume a lot of the planet’s resources. Living a sustainable lifestyle means trying to reduce one’s use of the planet’s natural resources. Did you for instance know that each year 12,7 million tons of plastic enter the ocean. This is an immense threat since the oceans produce half the world’s oxygen and contain 80 % on all life on earth. This life is threatened and killed by pollution.


Today we live a life as if no one was supposed to live after us. You can change that. We do not have the power to make big political decisions, but if we all change a little or something, then it all adds up. We have collected 5 tips that will help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Reduce your intake of meat. Especially beef and pork are climate sinners.
  2. Reuse the same clothes or buy second-hand clothes. According to Ecolabel, textiles have the fourth biggest impact on the climate. It takes about 1400 liters of water to produce one T-shirt.
  3. Reduce household energy use. Turn off the power when you can.
  4. Drink from the tap when you can. In some countries water from the tap is perfectly fine. You do not need to buy plastic bottles with water.
  5. Travel locally or by train.

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