Sweden is known for its houses made out of trees, for IKEA and its tradition of “ficka”. Ficka is afternoon coffee or tea with cake and good people. It is more about socializing than actually drinking coffee. If you haven’t tried the Swedish cinnamon buns, you need to! They are called “kanel bullar”. Sweden has some amazing cakes. The cuisine in general is really worth trying often with fresh fish or the popular Swedish meatballs.

During winter it is actually possible to encounter the northern light. If you have a dream of seeing the northern light, you should go to Lapland. This place is beautiful during winter with lots of snow and wildlife. Did you know that it is also possible to try an ice hotel in Sweden? It is what the name insinuates: A hotel made entirely of ice.

If you don’t like the snow so much, spring and summer are beautiful seasons in Sweden. Autumn can be cold and rainy, but the colors of the forest are miraculous. Do you like outdoor, there are plenty of opportunities to go on a canoe trip or a biking trip. Sweden also has mountains you can hike.

Stockholm and Gothenburg are the biggest cities, but Uppsala, Malmö, and Sigtuna are worth a visit too.

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