One island with some of the most unique and incredible natural wonders: Geysers, glaciers, active volcanoes, waterfalls, and northern light. It is of course Iceland. Not only is it unique in natural beauties but also in culture, music, language, and art. Did you know that the Icelandic language has no foreign words in its vocabulary? They make up new Icelandic words for any foreign words. The computer for instance is tölvu. It consists of two words that mean numbers and prophetess. Iceland does not compromise its language and culture.

The most common time to visit Iceland is during summer. Although do you want to witness the northern light, you need to come during winter. In the summer the night never gets dark and in the winter you rarely see the light.

One of the most fun things to do in Iceland is trying the geothermal spas. The blue lagoon is the most popular one situated close to Reykjavik, the capital. But there are plenty of natural pools and spas where there are not as many tourists. During summer or winter, you can sit in the pool and enjoy being warm while admiring the beautiful nature around you.

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