Travel Gear

What travel gear should you bring, when you travel? It depends a lot on what kind of travel you are going on, but here are some essentials for all kinds of travels:

  • A proper backpack. Whether you are backpacking or not, you will love yourself for bringing proper luggage. Buy one that will fit you well and that is the proper size. Remember to not bring too much luggage on your travel.
  • Proper footwear. If you go hiking consider buying some hiking boots, shoes or sandals. Even though you are not going hiking, you need proper footwear. We usually walk more when travelling. Avoid blisters.
  • Check out if you need a converter. Not all countries have the same plugs.
  • Remember to bring your own medicine.
  • Depending on your travel, bring practical clothes. If you go backpacking or hiking, you don’t want to wear nice dresses or clothes you don’t want to ruin.
  • Usually you are able to buy most things abroad, but consider if there is something you can’t leave behind and then bring that.

Stayaction i Danmark (book + ebook)

Staycation in Denmark contains more than 200 pages of recommendations with delicious environmentally certified accommodations, climate-friendly modes of transportation, and sustainable gourmet experiences in Denmark. The book is composed of beautiful mood pictures from our own trip around Denmark during the summer of 2019.

i Danmark

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