Blåvand Luxury Holiday Home

Winter vacation in Denmark

To get out of grey Copenhagen and into nature this gloomy January, we searched for different holiday houses in Denmark, as we knew it would be hard to travel anywhere else due to COVID19 travel restrictions. In our opinion, we found the perfect house for a getaway on the west coast of Denmark in the small city Blåvand.

Vacation house at the west coast of Denmark

We booked the house through a rental company, but it is actually a privately owned vacation house. The owner, Kaj Nissen, is a successful furniture designer and cabinetmaker, and his house is therefore filled with the owner’s own designs, which are absolutely beautiful! Furthermore, the owner actually designed the house himself, which is why this vacation house sticks out from all other houses in the neighborhood.

The house is absolutely stunningly designed with panorama windows both on the ground floor and first floor. This gives you a beautiful view of the nature and land around the house, which is also owned by the house owner. In just one week we have seen rabbits, deers, and foxes through the windows. Pretty exciting for us city folks! Outside the house, you will also find a big terrace with a barbecue, dining table, and sunbeds to enjoy during the summertime.

The interior design of the vacation house

As mentioned most of the furniture is created by the owner himself. However, in addition to that, the house is filled with amazing design pieces, paintings, and candles, which creates a very luxurious, cozy, and creative atmosphere. There is a big open social area with a fireplace, a huge sofa, lounge chairs, a dining table and chairs, and an open kitchen on the ground floor. The ground floor is tiled with beautiful stone tiles with floor-heating, so don’t worry about cold feet in the winter. The house fits eight people in four bedrooms, three downstairs, one master bedroom upstairs. There are two nice bathrooms both with showers and in one of them you will find a big jacuzzi too. Of course, Rasmus has already had the pleasure of sitting in this for hours! On the first floor, there is also a movie corner with another big sofa and a flatscreen, and we must admit that we have cuddled up and seen one or two movies here already.

What to experience in and around Blåvand

The west coast of Denmark is a must-see

The vacation house is located only a few minutes away from the small city Blåvand on the west coast of Denmark. In our opinion, the west coast of Denmark is a must-see for all nature-lovers, as nature here is so different from the rest of the kingdom. Generally, Denmark is an extremely flat country, but on the west coast, you will experience steep sand dunes, huge waves, strong winds, and an abundance of wildlife. Therefore the west coast is such a popular destination for outdoorsy, active, and sporty Danes.

The local city Blåvand

From the vacation house, it is possible to walk to the nearby city Blåvand through a small nature path behind the house. It takes around 20 minutes to walk all the way into the town center, and it is such a nice walk up and down the sand dunes, which gives you a view of the beautiful surroundings. The small city Blåvand has different shopping options and a few restaurants, cafes, and takeaway places, which was more than enough for us. However, if you miss more shopping options or want to go out for a nice lunch and sightsee a bit, the big city Esbjerg is 40 minutes away by car. From Esbjerg, you can also take the ferry to Fanø, which is a lovely little island!

Nevertheless, we recommend that you go exploring in the surroundings of Blåvand, as it is such a unique and serine piece of Denmark. Specifically, we recommend that you take a walk around Skallingen which is a small peninsula in the wade sea along the west coast, and go on a birdwatching adventure at the nature reserve and lake named Filsø. You can read more about our recommendations along the west coast here.

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