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Winter vacation in Blåvand

We choose to spend the first month of 2021 in a beautiful vacation house in Blåvand. Blåvand is a small town on the west coast of Denmark. The many rental bureaus lying side by side along the shopping street in Blåvand gives away that this destination is a very popular summer vacation. However, during the winter the town is so quiet and peaceful, which is why it is the perfect place to escape from the buzzing and overcrowded cities. Moreover, the environment surrounding the little town is absolutely breathtaking as the west coast has some of the most unique and rich nature in Denmark.

What we experienced in Blåvand

As Ras’ latest obsession is photographing birds we have been taking a lot of long walks around different nature reserves and unique bird environments near Blåvand. During the winter the west coast of Denmark can have very shifting weather conditions and strong winds, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to be prepared for these conditions before you step outside the door. If you like long walks and don’t mind spending hours outside, even in colder weather during the winter, we recommend you to experience some of the following nature areas.

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Skallingen is a small peninsula in the wade sea on the west coast of Denmark. To get to Skallingen you drive, bike, or walk through a beautiful forest and a flat wade sea area. As you get closer to Skallingen you will see tall sand dunes at the edge of the flat terrain where many birds search for food in the wet soil. Once you have parked your car and walked through a small pathway between the white sand dunes, you will see the wild ocean of the North Sea towards England. It is possible to walk along the broad sand beach all the way to the tip of the peninsula, however, this will take a few hours as it is a long walk. We saw a lot of visitors searching with their hands or with gardening tools for amber in the seaweed washed onto the beach. We asked a woman about it, and she said, that apparently, this area is one of the best places to find amber in Denmark. Walking along the peninsula, you would be surprised by how much you can experience. Among other things, we found a small dead seal lying perfectly untouched on the white sand and the skeleton of an old shipwreck.


A lighthouse we recommend to visit in driving distance from Blåvand is Lyngvig Lighthouse in Søndervig. This stunning lighthouse towers over hilly sand dunes along the beautiful Hvide Sande.


Driving towards Lyngvig Lighthouse, you drive through a small town called Nymindegab. There are only 200 people living permanently in this town – but during the summertime, lots of tourists are touring around the old fishermen’s town. Despite the size of the town, you can experience a huge whale skeleton at the museum in town and also have a look at the oldest lifeboat board in all of Denmark.


If you have a car we would also really recommend you to experience the nature reserve around the lake Filsø, which is located around 20 mins from Blåvand. Back in the 1800’s the lake was the second largest lake in Denmark, but due to human exploitation of the valuable water in the lake the water level decreased. Actually the water decreased to such a degree, that the lake bedding was used for agricultural land. However, a few years ago it was decided to recreate the lake, and protect the area’s wildlife by classifying it as a nature reserve. Therefore, today Filsø is perfect for outdoorsy people who like walking, mountain biking, watching birds and wildlife or who are interested in recreational areas. During the time we have been at the west coast, Rasmus as already enthusiastically visited the lake several times to catch photos of his beloved birds, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks out there again soon!


Beneath its surface, the west coast of Denmark conceals an abundance of gripping stories. But you cannot see them with the naked eye. Join us under the sand and discover the countless hidden stories about the west coast: tales of wrecked ships, dangerous smugglers and forbidden love.

The exhibitions in Tirpitz feature stories for everyone. We convey the stories with the assistance of hand-held, digital storytellers, and children from kindergarten age can follow many of the stories. The Gold of the Westcoast exhibition, which is about amber hunters and insects trapped in amber, is ideal for pre-preparatory classes, while intermediate classes will get a great deal out of the stories featured in West Coast Stories. The theme of World War II and the Atlantic Wall will appeal particularly to students in 7th grade and above

Mating spot for Red Deers

The biggest military facility in all of Denmark is called Oksbøl and is located right next to Blåvand. However, it’s also one of the biggest mating spots for the Red Deer in Denmark. Take a drive around dusk and down at ‘Kallesmærskvej’ and you’re almost guaranteed to find them.

Blåvandshuk lighthouse

In walking distance from our vacation house is a beautiful lighthouse. This tall white lighthouse from the 1900s is actually the most western point of the entire kingdom, and from this point, you have a view of the untamed North Sea. High sand dunes with green and yellow vegetation surround the lighthouse and slopes down onto a white beach that is several hundred meters broad during low tide. On the beach lies huge grey bunkers as forgotten artifacts of the Second World War, which are now explored by curious visitors. One evening we sat on one of the cement bunkers with the lighthouse in the background, sipped to warm tea, and watched the warm orange colors from the sun disappearing in the horizon across the sea. New memories are waiting to be created in this far western corner of Denmark.

Light festival war


Denmark has 406 islands, and they are all unique in their own way. That also makes it easy to describe Fanø as an island like nowhere else. What makes Fanø unique, is that most of the island is covered by National Park, which makes the wildlife extremely rich.
as soon as you arrive with the ferry from Esbjerg to Nordby at Fanø, you’re greeted by a bunch of seals almost waving at you.
Sønderho is the southernmost town on the island, very well known for it’s many colorful and old houses.
Besides that you should try to drive from Sønderho to Rindby by the beach – it’s one of the most unique experiences in Denmark.
Fanø has a ton of different entrepreneurs and cool events, such as the knitting festival in September. A festival with more than 10.000 women meeting up to knit.

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