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There are 6 hotels in the Sinatur Hotel chain. They are located all over Denmark but all have several things in common.
The name ‘Sinatur’ comes from the Danish ‘Si’ and ‘Natur’ which basically means ‘Say Nature’. This is also why the 6 hotels are located in beautiful surroundings close to nature in Denmark.
The hotels are often used by companies to have their conferences, team building, and management meetings – but also lots of couples and families come here to relax among the breathtaking danish nature and to enjoy the incredible food served at the Sinatur Hotels.

Sinatur hotels are a leading hotel chain when it comes to sustainability.
At these hotels, everything has been thought of in terms of green tourism. They take care of their employees and helps them continue their education in hospitality. They have a plan for food waste, their energy use, renovation of the hotels, and food which is a huge part of their concept is all well thought of. The hotels support their local communities and are leading in green tourism in Denmark.

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Located among the dazzling forest in the center of Jutland you find a big red building, almost shaped like a fairytale castle. A small river is calmly running below the red bridges located around the main building. The river once was the energy source for one of the first textile factories in all of Denmark. It’s difficult not to think back in time to the Romantic Era with these picture-perfect surroundings.
Inside the old livingrooms, you almost feel like entering a royal castle. with huge chandeliers having from the seeling – and with all sorts of classic different Danish high-end furniture. The style of the interior is elegant with a great mixture of modern natural elements.
The general manager at the hotel and her staff have made sure you feel at home as soon as you enter Skarrildhus Sinatur Hotel.


Skarrildhus is a hotel where you feel at home – and that’s also exactly the vibe you get as soon as you enter the rooms. The rooms are not fancy but still decorated with lovely danish design and homy furnitures. It’s a room where you feel like taking your shoes of and relax.


The restaurant at Skarrildhus is elegant and fits perfectly to the rest of this fantastic hotel. The interior is all made from natural elements and the room is open and bright. Even on nights where the restaurant is rather full, you are still able to have a private and intimate dinner – with your colleagues, partner or friends.

Silver certification 60-90% organic

Sinatur Hotels were the first hotel chain in all of Denmark, to first receive the Bronze certification of organic food in their restaurants – and later on, upgrade it and being the first hotel chain in Denmark with the silver certificate, which means 60-90% of their food is organic.
The certification is provided by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Wind and wood chip oven

Skarrildhus has its own windmill located on the land. It’s big enough to yearly generate green energy for 700 local households.
Besides that their wood chip oven is providing enough energy to heat up Skarrildhus the entire year.
The next energy project at Skarrilhus is to implement their own solar cell park – which will be installed by 2021.

Garbage sorting and minimizing foodwaste

The Sinatur Hotels are already making a huge contribution to the movement of the zero-waste mentality.
Today they recycle more than 72% of all their waste, and they have an open eye on all their food waste and wish you improve these numbers even more by the end of 2021. They work along with a company eSmiley, which helps them weigh all their waste. This system actually motivates the employees to reach better results when it comes to garbage sorting and minimizing their food waste.

eSmiley also gives Sinatur an overview of how energy that’s been produced with help from their waste.

Own certified wood

At Skarrildhus Sinatur Hotel you can go exploring in their own forest, which is located right next to the hotel. This is a PEFC certified forest, which is a certification that promotes sustainably managed forests. The chefs at the hotel often go gather herbs and plants from the forest and use it in their cooking.
Besides that most of the hotel is heated with timber from the forest in a wood chip stove.
Some of the furniture you can find at the hotel are also produced with wood from the forest.



When you wake up and look outside your window from the lovely hotel rooms at Haraldskær, you might look at the idyllic fields with cattle that surround this unique hotel. This view has existed since 1434 when Haraldskær was built.
The stories about this hotel are endless. For an instant, when you walk up the stair to the tower of this old castle, you will find a wooden piece inside of the staircase. This wooden piece is an old mast from a Viking ship that sailed in the river right next to the hotel! Make sure to ask the kind and service-minded staff at Haraldskær about their story – so you won’t miss out!
As you’ve most likely figured out already, the Sinatur Hotel is all about nature and great food – exactly how we like it!
The managing director at Haraldskær, has dedicated most of her life to tourism and sustainable tourism is a huge passion for her. After years of hard work, all of the employees has managed to make Sinatur Hotels the first Certified B Corporation hotel chain in all of Denmark.


The rooms at Haraldskær are spacious and cozy. Most lately a lot of the rooms at this hotel was renovated – but don’t forget parts of this building is almost 600 years old. Sinatur has made sure to keep the natural interior and look which suits the rooms very well!
Every little part of the renovation of the rooms has been done with extreme care of the original old facilities. All partners who have been involved in the renovation of the rooms have been chosen carefully and they all have a focus on responsible construction.


The very talented headchef Mikael Madsen, has since 2012 been running the kitchen at Haraldskær. His groceries are carefully chosen after the season and is locally produced, but he makes sure that both taste, look and quality of his creations will be an unforgettable experience.
The dining area is cozy and it almost feel like eating at a living room.
There are great plans about renovating the kitchen and dining area in the nearest future – so the nature also can be enjoyed while being spoiled with great food and beverages.

Sinatur are protecting the nature

The Sinatur Hotels are home to many small as big meetings and conferences for companies all over Denmark.
Part of the Sinatur concept is that companies who decide to have their meetings or conferences at a Sinatur hotel are gifted with 1m2 of wild danish nature, which Sinatur is helping being protected through the Danish Nature Fund.

Always prepared for a walk in the nature

Since nature is such a big part of the DNA of the Sinatur hotels, they’ve made sure that everybody can enjoy nature while visiting their hotels.
Many people only bring a nice outfit to wear for the evening at the restaurant or for their conference – and they might forget to bring proper outfits for a walk. Therefore the Sinatur hotel decided to buy rubber boots (in all sizes) and umbrellas for all of their hotels – so the guest always are able to enjoy the pretty nature surrounding the hotels.



When you wake up and open your window you smell the ocean and complete silence. The Sixtus Sinatur hotel is located right by ‘Lillebælt’ which is close to Middelfart at Funen.
This hotel was the first of Sinatur hotels and it’s is the smallest of the 6 different Sinatur hotels and only has 27 rooms. This makes the atmosphere extremely cozy and shortly after arriving you feel like you know all of the very service-minded staff working at the hotel. However, they’ve made sure to add several great sitting areas around the indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel – so you can find privacy to enjoy the incredible view.
Due to the size and the location, this Sinatur hotel most of all reminds me of what we in Danish call a ‘Beach Hotel’, but it’s lovely to visit all year round.


The building of Sixtus was established back in 1912 where an organization ‘The Danish Girl school’ bought the property as a vacation retreat for women working as teachers. Due to the history of the building – the rooms are very similar since, this is where the women used to sleep while being on their retreat.
Most of the rooms has a great view of the ocean.


The dining experience at Sixtus is unforgettable!
The restaurant is located with great panoramic windows facing the waters. The interior at the restaurant is elegant and for a fair price, you will have a fine dining experience with the best view. During the summertime, meals are served outside at their great terrase

Adapting to the environment

Sixtus is located at the top of a small hill which makes a solution for wastewater a bit more difficult. However, with help from some great architects, they managed to find a solution where waste water from the hotel is lead into the ocean and rainwater is collected to water the plants in the garden.

Supporting the locals

Back in 2012, Claus Meyers helped Sinatur hotels develop a code of conduct to improve their gastronomy.
Part of the plan has been to involve the local suppliers and support the local heroes. Partly to support the local community but also to decrease the amount of Co2 spend on transporting their groceries. Since 2015 Sinatur has decreased their amount of Co2 spend on transportation from wholesalers by 54%.

Gl. Avernæs


When you drive off the highway and the small roads are taking you through small cities in the Danish countryside, you don’t expect to find a place like Gl. Avernæs. While driving up the alley of cobblestone towards this beautiful almost Disney-looking fairytale castle – you realize you’ve entered a very unique hotel in Denmark. The location is superb since it’s the last stop before the island Helnæs in the south-western part of Funen in Denmark.
Gl. Avernæs hotel has been run by a lovely gentleman who origins from Norway and he lived at the hotel since 1993.
He lives at the hotel with his wife and dog and has kept developing on this Sinatur hotel ever since he started. He believes very highly in green tourism, and it’s easy to see while walking around the property of Gl. Avernæs.


The choice of furnitures and interior in the hotel rooms, makes you feel almost like it’s summer – dispites of which time of the year you are visiting this fantastic hotel. The hotel rooms are elegant and bright and is defintley iniviting your a great night after either having discovered the beautiful soroundings and nature.


The restaurant at Gl. Avernæs follows the maritime theme that goes on at this Sinatur hotel. There has been put a lot of effort into finding decoration, colors and funitures that matches with the maritime looks – and I have to admit they have succeded. There is a warm and welcoming feeling at the restaurant and the chefs are doing and incredible job with involving as many of the locals as possible when it comes to farming and groceries.
Along with their 60-90% of organic food – the chefs creates stunning and tastefull meals at the restaurant.

A complete renovation

As well as many of the rooms at Gl. Avernæs, many of the meeting rooms have been renovated as well. Part of the renovation includes:
Chairs – 100% recycled consumer plastic, metal, and fabric.

Curtains – 98% recycled polyester

Tables – Wood from a certified forest in Polen, produced in Kerteminde.

Blankets: Recycled fishing net and recycled plastic


.. And their own smokehouse

Part of the 2030 strategy for Sinatur is the all of their hotels should have a self-sufficient production of groceries and a big part of all the meals served at the hotels, are made from their own production.

At Gl. Avernæs already have their own smokehouse, which they use for many of the meals served at their restaurant.

Wooden auditorium

Sinatur encourage always their guest to experience the beautiful nature and surroundings at their hotels.
At Gl. Avernæs they decide to take advantage of their land and decided to build an outdoor auditorium, so their guest who would like to have their meetings or conferences outdoor could have it here.



All the Sinatur hotels are different and each has its very unique selling points. Storebælt is the hotel with the most capable when it comes to both rooms and conference rooms. But this is also, in my opinion, one of the hotels with the most fantastic view and the greatest restaurant. I personally enjoyed walking down the beach looking over Storebælt and the impressive and enormous bridge that connects the islands Funen and Zealand.


Most recently a lot of the 115 rooms at Storebælt Sinatur was renovated.
There has been made a huge effort to make the new renovated rooms as sustainable as possible. Sinatur has made a collaboration with the designers from Odense ‘Le Klint‘ who has been making danish design and craftsmanship since 1943. Part of the collaboration was making the green lamps you can see below – which is made in the Sinatur green color.
Sinatur has also invested in chairs made by Reseat which are made of biomaterials such as hay and FSC certified wood.


My expectations for a restaurant located at such a big hotel wasn’t high. Most often the quality of the food, the waiting time and atmosphere isn’t a great experience. However, this was a completely different story and my experience was way above my expectations!
The service was excellent, the taste and quality of the food was great and the interior and view of the ocean made my dinner experience very unique.

Sustainability and special design

The hotel Storebælt from Sinatur has just accomplished to renovate 35 of their rooms. Both sustainability and special design have been in focus while making this renovation.
The green lamp hanging from the ceiling is produced specially to Sinatur by the well-known Danish designer company Le Klint, who is based in Odense.
The rest of the furniture is also produced by sustainable fabrics and recycled and reused plastic from bottles at Sinatur.

Rosilde Højgård farmshop

Sinatur is doing a great effort to collaborate as closely with local farmers as possible. Most of all groceries used in the kitchen at Storebælt Sinatur comes from the farm Rosilde Højgård. There is also a small farm shop at Rosilde Højgård you can visit and buy some of their vegetables yourself.

Rosilde Højgård



As the only Sinatur hotel located at Sealand in Denmark – they’ve chosen the perfect location! Only 20 minutes north of Copenhagen – surrounded by forest and the deepest lake in Denmark, Furesøen, you find the hidden gem Frederiksdal Sinatur Hotel in Virum, next to Kgs. Lyngby.
I’ve lived in Virum all of my childhood and the nature around the hotel is where I grew up and played with my friends. However, I’ve never been inside the hotel before this stay. I know how fantastic and idyllic nature is around the hotel, but I didn’t have a clue that on the inside of this hotel, the managing director and his crew were running a hotel filled with warmness, great atmosphere, excellent food, and a cozy vibe.


At Frederiksdal Sinatur hotels you have beautiful nature surrounding the hotel. You can open your balcony door and enjoy the fresh smell of the forest while you enjoy your morning coffee or pre dinner drink.
The rooms are rather large and comes with modern and stylish interior.


Having dinner at Frederiksdal Sinatur hotel was one of my favourite parts of my stay at this hotel. Th sun was about to set when I sat down looking over the huge panoramic windows facing the river and forest. The settings were perfect and the service was phenomenal. There was a very casual vibe at the restaurant but at the same time, the quality of the food and the service from the waiter was outstanding.
The director, Claus, is planning on extending the terrace, which will make it possible by the summer of 2021 to enjoy your dinner on the outside terrace during the warm seasons.

The history

Sinatur has made a collaboration with the company Kaffe Bueno. Through a circular process, where Sinatur hotels deliver the waste product from coffee making to Kaffe Bueno, they then manage to make care products out of the waste products. This is how the Sinatur collection of soap and body lotion is created.

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