Juvet Landscape Hotel – Norway

Juvet Landscape Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels we have ever stayed at. Furthermore, it is on the complete list of our favorite eco-friendly hotels in 2020! This blog post is a recommendation of Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway.

Juvet Landscape Hotel is located in a Norwegian national forest just beside a big beautiful waterfall. When we visited Juvet we were driving around Norway’s most scenic routes from the list provided by the Nasjonale Turistveger. There are so many of these legendary roads surrounding Juvet Landscape Hotel, and nature here is absolutely incredible. We definitely recommend you to plan your route to Juvet from wherever you are coming from by following these scenic routes. This will give you a feeling of how beautiful Norway really is – regardless of the season! Back in 1986, Knut Slinning bought a holiday retreat in these mountains and 30 years later, the unique and beautiful landscape hotel Juvet was built. The hotel opened for guests in 2010

Trollstigen – Norway

Trollstigen is the most visited road in all of Norway. It’s located just about 20 minutes drive away from Juvet Landscape Hotel.
There is in a total of 11 hairpin turns and the way they have been created, to fit into the landscape is just incredible.
We fully understand why this is the most visited road in all of Norway.

The Hotel

From the hotel, you have a view of some of the most beautiful mountains in Norway. The hotel is designed beautifully to blend into nature. All rooms are small private cabins located either along the waterfall or up a hill so you have the best possible views from the rooms. There is a big rather new spa building with a steam room, a lounge room and a jacuzzi outside. It is a really beautiful experience to sit in the jacuzzi and look at the amazing view. There is also a new yoga studio and a modern conference room for corporate meetings. The main building is an older, earthy and rustique looking house, with a living room, a social dining area, and a big terrasse. Since the spa, yoga studio, meeting room, and cabins are quite innovative and modern, this main building really ties the hotel together in a cozy traditional Norwegian house. This gives you a feeling of the Norwegian word “koselig”, which describes when something is cozy, comfy, pleasant and nice.

The food at The Barn

Juvet Landscape Hotel serves a big 3-course dinner every night with food from local farmers. The food is excellent and it is quite an experience since it is social dining, which means you are seated at one long table and have dinner with all the other guests at the hotel. Obviously, it is a small hotel so it is a pretty intimate gathering, where you can share your experiences with your side buddy. The crowd at the hotel is very international as it is a very hyped and “well-pinterested” hotel, so it was really fun to talk to the other guests and learn their different stories about how they came to find the hotel. The food is really good, and the amazing host, Christopher, will provide you with information about the inspiration for the dishes and the origin of the local ingredients. There is a really nice vibe in the dining room and the host, Christopher, tells very charming stories about the local farmers. This is such a peek into the sustainable Norwegian farmer tradition and we definitely learned a lot about how the hotel makes the most out of whatever ingredients are in season. This was a great way to really experience Norwegian cuisine with local food.

Room 10

The Landscape Rooms

There are two types of private cabin rooms at Juvet. We stayed in one of the cabins of the type “Birdhouses”, but we also had a peek into one of their “Landscape rooms”. Our cabin was great. It had a nice view, a comfy sitting area, a small bathroom and a loft with a big comfy bed. There was everything we needed to have a pleasant stay, and the design and interior of the cabin were really cool. However, having looked into one of the Landscape Rooms we felt a bit envious! The Landscape rooms view are faced the river of the waterfall close to the hotel. The rooms have a full wall of windows that makes one whole side of the room look like an absolutely beautiful painting in constant movement. It is so breathtaking and we can easily imagine that we would be able to sit there for hours and hours just following the flow of the river. So if you wanna go all in – and you can afford to pay a bit extra, we recommend you to book one of the Landscape rooms. Having said this, it does not mean, that we didn’t have a great experience in the Birdhouse. This was also a beautiful stay! The Landscape rooms are just a bit “extra”. Just letting you know, that if you go here for a special occasion, just spend the extra dollars and book the Landscape room.

The Birdhouse

What to do when you stay at Juvet

Remember to explore the amazing surroundings of the hotel by car or take a long hike up and down the river of the waterfall. We realize that this hotel is an iconic destination itself, but that is kind of a shame since nature in this specific area of Norway is so beautiful. Speak to the hosts at Juvet and ask them what they would recommend you to do in the specific season you visit the hotel. On the river, they offer a ton of different water activities. Up in the nearby mountains, you can go skiing, and when it is not snowing you can also hike, climb and even go fjord sightseeing. There are infinite possibilities, and if you want to just chill – we recommend a dip in the jacuzzi, a yoga session or a cup of tea and a good book on the porch of the main building. And harass the hosts with all your questions, they are so sweet, fun and service-minded.

Hikes nearby

We really enjoyed our stay here at the beautiful Juvet Landscape Hotel and can wholeheartedly recommend you to stay here. It will be an experience you will never forget. We are looking forward to the next time we visit the amazing Juvet Landscape Hotel.

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