Vår Gård, Stockholm

This blogpost is written in a collaboration with Vår Gård.

Vår Gård

Just half a 25-minute drive from the buzzing Stockholm City center, you’ll find a peaceful part of the archipelago called Saltsjöbaden. Located directly on the shore of the Baltic, Vår Gård Hotel is the heart of the small community and the main reason for our visit. 

For almost a century, Vår Gård Hotel has worked to be a meeting place where everyone feels welcome. In cultural-historical buildings surrounded by peaceful nature, a personal atmosphere awaits.

Vår Gård

Hotel Vår Gård is a hidden gem encircled by vast gardens and boundless nature and was originally built by engineer John Bernström as a summer residence. In 1924, KF (COOP) took over the facilities and developed a respectable educational retreat that later turned into a well-known conference hotel (evidence of which lies in the modern accommodation block).

Most recently they’ve opened their magnificent doors to private bookings. The hotel has re-invented itself as a wonderful design and art hotel, veiled by the wings of history, attracting families and couples alike who are looking to escape the commotion of the city. With secret gardens, private cliffs, and endless views this hotel is truly a hidden treasure.


Some of the most famous entrepreneurs of Sweden built beautiful villas here back in the 19th century as their holiday homes. We fully understand why the wealthy Swedes back in the day decided to “claim” this part of Sweden as their holiday getaway location. This place is unique!

There is a small harbour located on each side of a small peninsula, where you’ll find a 100-year-old outdoor bath and a sauna which is still extremely popular all year round. You’ll also find a small restaurant by the harbour along with a small café.We drove from Copenhagen to Stockholm and along the way we saw a lot of beautiful forests, but the first time we experienced the true beauty of this part of Sweden, was when we arrived at Saltsjöbaden.

Hotel Rooms

Under the last two years all the hotel rooms have undergone total renovation. The hotel has chosen wisely and chosen to follow it roots and designed the rooms with Nordic themes. It fits perfectly with the location. It’s important to mention that the hotel rooms aren’t located inside the beautiful Villa Skärtofta.


One of the many great initiative to become a more eco-friendly hotel, is the collaboration with Vi-Skogen.

When people hang this on their doorknob, they accept not to have their room and towels cleaned but instead the hotel plant a tree for you in Africa.


Beach House

A spa resort is not needed when you are this close to beautiful nature!
Vår Gård has decided to stay true to their heritage and has decided to keep the old great Nordic traditions with a hot sauna followed by a refreshing swim in the ocean – this is balsam for the soul.

Hotel facilities

The hotel is located among beautiful nature, and this also gives plenty of opportunities for exploring.
To begin with, the hotel owns its own island right in front of the hotel, where you can hike around and enjoy the beautiful archipelago.

But if you want to explore places a bit further away you can rent their electric bikes, SUP paddleboards or sea kayaks.

Every morning you can smell the freshly baked bread at Vår Gård. They have their own bakery with 5 talented bakers who daily make sure that there are freshly baked bread and cakes for Fika (Swedish afternoon tea and cake). Lots of local people also stop by the hotel to buy their daily bread and use the place as a co-working space.

If you arrive in an electric car as we did – you can easily charge your car at one of the many recharge points in the private carpark.


Gastronomy is one of the most important ingredients in your stay at Vår Gård. The head chef has the vision to collect all vegetables, greens, and berries within a radius of 100km from the hotel. All other products like meat and fish are from the Nordic countries and nothing is imported from overseas.
The menu changes several times throughout the year to match the products in season.


From soft corn fields to inifinty roads through mountain landscape – Scandinavia has everything.


Experience the majestic nature landscapes of Europe.


Humid jungle feel and exotic fruit sprinkles. You know you are in an Asian paradise.

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