Bergaliv Treetop Cabin

This blog post is written in collaboration with Bergaliv. Our stay was a gift

We have found the perfect combination of simple luxury and staying in the wild! Bergaliv is on our complete list of our favorite eco-friendly stays in 2020. Bergaliv treetop cabin is located on a private mountain in Sweden. It is actually the only building on the entire mountain, so it is completely secluded from everything. The cabin can host two people and has one lower floor with simple kitchen, toilet and sleeping arrangements. The upper floor is mostly a deck designed for enjoying the amazing view, or maybe even having a yoga session. Staying here is one of the most peaceful experiences we have ever had, as you are in the middle of nature, but you are completely comfortable in the luxury cabin.

Getting to Bergaliv Treetop Cabin

It is not possible to drive to Bergaliv Treetop Cabin during the wintertime due to the heavy snowfall on the small private roads up the mountain. Therefore, you need to park the car at Orbaden Spa & Resort Hotel and walk from here to Bergliv. It takes around 45 min – 1hour to walk up the mountain with snowshoes on. It is such a special experience that you will never forget! We made the walk at sunset and it was so beautiful. The mountain is so peacefull and at night it is lit up only by the stars and the moonlight. You feel so in touch with nature and this feeling will calm you down instantly.


This wooden cabin is perfectly designed and the owners have really thought about every small detail. It is built with wood from the private forest and designed with very eco-friendly features. The interior is very inspired of Japanese minimalism and functionalism, which works perfectly with the cabins limited space. The cabin includes:
– heating
– eco-toilet (waterless)
– drinking water from a small water tank
– Japanese futon mattresses
– duvet and pillows in high quality
– Kettle (+Tea & coffee)
– Refrigerator
– Wifi
– Electricity
– lighting

Food & Drinks

We arrived quite late at Hotel Orbaden where we picked up the snowshoes and a rucksack before our hike up to Bergaliv. In the rucksack the owners of Bergaliv had arranged some tapas for us, so we could have dinner in the cabin. We filled the rucksacks with our clothes and toiletries for the next couple of days and left our suitcases in the car. And this was a genius act since the hike with snowshoes on is intense, and we definitely couldn’t have carried anything else but the rucksacks. If you have trouble walking, you should definitely ask the owners of Bergaliv to assist you with their snowmobile. At the cabin, we found a bottle of champagne waiting, which was such a nice touch after the long hike at sunset. They had even made sure that Karoline received a special vegan version of the tapas.
Our refrigerator was filled up with the most wonderful breakfast for us to indulge in the next morning. Everything was fresh, local and organic. Again, Karoline got a specially prepared vegan breakfast. They had also prepared freshly ground coffee for us in the fridge and organic tees, so we just had to boil the water ourselves.

What to do at Bergaliv Treetop Cabin

One of the things that makes Bergaliv so unique is the location. You have a 1-hour walk back to civilization, so you are completely alone in nature and wildlife. When you wake up in the morning from a good night’s sleep, you can see lots of fresh footprints from moose, hares, and bears. If you walk 10 min further up the mountain from the cabin you can find a lookout tower. If you climb up the post, it feels like you are standing on the top of the world and the view is incredible! We spent hours here scouting for wildlife. It is so much fun to be alone in nature like this, and you kind of feel like you are on a survival mission. It’s you against the wild. So we played around with that game for a while 😀 Obviously, in reality, that is very far from the truth, as you are staying in the most luxurious cabin and if something should happen, the owners of Bergliv have a snow scooter to come and help out.

Orbaden Spa & Resort Hotel

After your stay at Bergliv, you can enjoy a day at the beautiful spa where you park your car. This is the perfect way of ending your romantic getaway at Bergaliv. Since there is no shower at Bergaliv, this is also the perfect opportunity to rinse off the wild survival mission and freshen up with the spa amenities. The combination between a few days in the wilderness followed by a spa day honestly feels so good! This hotel also serves amazing healthy food, so you can definitely grab lunch here before you return to the road. You also check out from Bergaliv in the reception of Orbaden Spa and here you also return the snowshoes and rucksacks.

Local brewery

The owners of Bergaliv delivered some local beers to us while we were staying in the cabin. The beers are local, made by the brothers Malmberg who took over the old lift-station at the bottom of the mountain. They started their own brewery and is making local, organic and good quality beer! You can find their brewery at this link. It was these small details of introducing us to the local community that really made our experience. As we are huge eco-and culture freaks we love to see how the local community supports each other.

The owners of Bergaliv: The Michelson Family

Below you will see photos of the creators of Bergaliv. The designer’s name is Hanna and she is an architect. Her father, Staffan, is the greatest host and he is always one step ahead of you when it comes to hospitality!
The mother of the family, Lena, is an artist and she has created all the beautiful ceramic at Bergaliv. Knowing that it is these amazing and sweet people that have put their heart and soul into the creation of Bergaliv is just the cherry on the cake! It was an absolute pleasure staying at Bergaliv, and we will definitely be back to explore it during other seasons as well.

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