The Twist – Kistefos Museum

During my journey around Norway in the autumn of 2020, this museum came to my attention. Normally we don’t spend a lot of time at museums because we prefer to spend our time in nature or outdoor when traveling. However, the Kistefos Museum was a different story since most of the art is located outside. Most people would probably recommend visiting the Kistefos museum during the summer – but even though I was there a cold autumn afternoon, I found it very fascinating and as a perfect activity!

The Twist is most likely the most unique museum building in Europe.
It’s built by the extremely talented Danish architect, Bjarke Ingels.

Kistefos Museum

Kistefos has 45 sculptures created by different artists, from all around the world. The 45 sculptures are permanent and the artist has created these magnificent monuments especially for Kistefos. The artists have created this work directly inspired by the history, cultural heritage, or nature of the place.

Kistefos Museum

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