Top 10 must see in Thailand & Vietnam

When we travel for longer times we start to forget things.
Besides forgetting which day of the week it is, we forget where we eat or what we have experience.
This is another reason of why we started TheTravelBook. Looking back at pictures or reading blogpost we can relive the moments and cherrish them.

We have now been back in Denmark for almost one week. Looking back at the last couple of month, these have been our highlights.

Koh Jum

In general, we love traveling around Thailand and islands in the south are amazing. What we loved about Koh Jum was that it was completely untouched! You should think that an Island just a few hours from Krabi would be covered with resorts and tourist, it was not.
For 5 days we drove around the island on our MC and enjoyed long beaches all to ourselves. If you want to read more about Koh Jum click here!

The Island Hideout

Without a doubt one of the most surreal accommodations we have ever slept at! The Island Hideout is a few eco-bungalows located in the jungle on Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. There is no electricity or hot water but an extremely high level when it comes to service and quality. This was the perfect combination! Check out the video and read more about our stay at The Island Hideout here!

Sofitel Bangkok

A lot of people warned us about Bangkok. I think because Bangkok is most often used as a hub. Never as a final destination. But we loved Bangkok and maybe because of our hotel SO Sofitel. We have slept in more than 200 different hotel beds, but this was without a doubt the most comfortable one! The room, the view, the rooftop bar, and the food is all worth to recommend! See more of the hotel in our review.

Food in Chiang Mai

I donĀ“t think I have ever met a person who did not like Thai food. Chiang Mai is the food heaven in Thailand! Besides having different dishes than the south of Thailand the quality is just very high!
If you like vegan food you can find a lot of hidden gems in Chiang Mai! Besides the food, Chiang Mai has a lot of culture and lovely Buddhistic temples and tradition. Read about our restaurant recommendation here.

Elephant Land in Chiang Mai

Our experience at Elephantland in Chiang Mai was so surreal!
We love animals more than anything in the world, and being with these massive creatures was amazing! We spent 2 days in the jungle with a few elephant sheppard helping out feeding and gathering medicine for the elephants. You can see our video and read more about ElephantLand here


Maybe it is because I enjoy taking pictures so much that I like Hanoi. It is not a particularly beautiful city, but so many crazy things happen in this town! That is why I like Hanoi. You have a lovely old town, a big lake, great places for food and a nice bussing vibe! Worth a visit. Read our recommendations here.

Da Nang

Da Nang is not a well-known tourist destination for many people. Maybe this is why we love this city and decided to spend 10 days in this area. In Da Nang, you have the most spectacular beach, massive nature park and a broad variety of food! Check out our recommendations here.

Train Ride Hoi Van Pass

This is without a doubt the most beautiful train ride we have ever had! This is not a tourist attraction but simply the train from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi. The 3-hour ride in the Hoi Van Pass between Da Nang and Hue is without a doubt worth it! See the video and read more here.


Besides having tons of beautiful old temples and imperial tombs, this city has a relaxed and authentic vibes. We normally do not like spending time at museums or attractions because of massive crowds. However, this was a completely another story in Hue, since there were no ques! See pictures and read more here.

Phu Quoc

This island was very different from the rest of Vietnam. We drove around the island for one week on MC and discovered the beautiful nature. Phu Quoc is more touristic than the other places we have visited in Vietnam. But all worth a visit! Check out our recommendations here.

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