Trekronå Treetop Cabin

During my 3 weeks of collaboration with the tourist board of Stavanger ‘Region Stavanger’, I stayed at this amazing treetop cabin. It was part of my collaboration – but I’ve written my honest opinion.

I’ve traveled the world for many years now. And not once I’ve had the urge to pack away all electronic equipment and start reading a book.. this was the first time.
I’ve you’ve followed TheTravelBook you would know that I am a huge sucker for nature and unique accommodations. I had my first treetop cabin stay about 4 years ago at Bergaliv and since then, I’ve been extremely curious about this kind of accommodation.

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I have to admit that I’ve become a little bit lazy when it comes to traveling in the way that I’ve stopped preparing things. I believe I have enough experience from all my adventures so finding a simple treetop cabin shouldn’t be a big hurdle. Well, I was wrong and I most definitely should have read the instructions sent to me in the booking confirmation. These cabins are really located in nature!
You can forget about trying to google the location – it doesn’t exist.
I called up Henrik and Lene, the lovely couple that has built this incredible place, who kindly guided my way to the cabin. It’s not because the instructions in the booking confirmation are bad or wrong, it’s simply just that I didn’t read them.

The cabins are located 900 meters into the wilderness from the parking area and it will take you about 10 minutes to walk. Make sure to pack light and bring a torch since it can become quite dark in the evenings, especially when traveling in the winter season as I was.


900 meter walk from parking lot


10-15 minutes walk to the cabins


Ogna – 1 hour drive from Stavanger


There are two cabins located in the wilderness. They are called the ‘yellow’ and the ‘green’ cabins. They are 1:1 the same cabins, but so guests can find their booked cabin the doors and part of the interior are in the colors yellow and green.
Even though the cabins are located in the middle of the forest, Henrik and Lene have managed to get electricity and water into the cabins. This means that you can easily make food in the kitchen, take a hot shower or turn on the light to read your book at night.

The cabins are equipt with two double beds as a bunk bed and you can even pull out a 5th sleeping spot. However, I would say these cabins are best suited for solo travelers, couples, or a family that is used to sleeping tight.

The main purpose of these cabins is to be close to nature, and you most definitely are. The cabins have beautiful panoramic windows along with a window in the roof so you can easily spot the stars from your bed.

Mini Spa in the woods

These treetop cabins aren’t compromising on either comfort or luxury, even though it’s located in the woods.
The cabins were built just a few years ago, which means everything is brand new.
As well as the rest of this cabin, nature is in focus.
The kitchen has everything you need – not just to head up pre-cooked food, but this cabin has an actual kitchen with hot plates and a small fridge. but no oven.
The kitchen and living room easily suit 4 people around the table for a great dinner and quality time. That’s of course if you don’t decide to sit outside in the mini spa watching the night sky.
There isn’t much cellphone reception in this forest, but the cabin is equipt with WiFi, so don’t worry – you can still brag to your friends and family, about this magical cabin while being out here 😉

Our goal is for your stay in Trekronå to be a respite you will not forget.

Henrik Stokkeland is a carpenter who owns the land and Trekronå is based on his knowledge of the area and his vision of these treetop cabins. His wife Lene is a social worker but also managed all administration and bookings for Trekronå.

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