Kristiansand Treetop Cabins

This stay was a gift from Kristiansand Treetop Cabin – but I’ve written my honest opinion.

Imagine that every morning you’re woken up by multiple birds, singing beautifully in harmony.
That’s how it is to wake up at this treetop cabin. Since there aren’t any curtains in the bedrooms, your sleeping routines quite quickly adapt to the cycles of the sun.

We’ve stayed at quite a few different treetops and cabins in the wilderness, but this one is different. The main reason why this cabin is different from the others we’ve stayed at is; that it’s luxurious but it’s still in the middle of the wilderness!

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Let’s start with the journey of how to reach Kristiansand Treetop Cabin.
The small village, Nodeland, is located just 20 min from Kristiansand this is where the journey begins. It’s possible to reach Kristiansand with a ferry from Denmark (Hirtshals) in just 3 1/2 hours or drive from Oslo in about 3 hours.
Now the adventure begins.. because since this cabin is actually located in the middle of the wilderness you have two options in getting to the cabin:

  • Walk in heavy terrain for about 30 min
  • Walk a bit and then take a canoe to skip the biggest hills

If you have a lot of luggage and you don’t find either of the two options attractive, you do have the possibility of arranging, with the kind owner, Berit, to bring you by ATV or snowmobile depending on the season.

With this explanation, I hope you now have an idea of just how remote, this treetop cabin is located. It takes a 30min walk to reach your nearest neighbors, which means you can have a peaceful trip, and the only thing to disturb you is nature.


This cabin is located on high steel pillars to make sure that the ground below, will stay undisturbed even if the cabin was to be taken down one day. But this also makes it a bit unsuitable for unattended small kids.
You can sleep up to six people in this treetop cabin. There are one master bedroom and a loft with two small bedrooms divided by a small wall.
All bedrooms have a great view of the forest and just before you close your eyes, you can have a look at the magical night sky and look at the stars.


As mentioned in the beginning this treetop cabin isn’t compromising on either comfort of luxury, even though it’s located far out in the woods.
The cabin was built in January 2022, which means everything is brand new.
As well as the rest of this cabin, nature is in focus.. this is also the case for the bathroom. While taking a shower you can simply enjoy watching the forest meanwhile.
The kitchen has everything you need – not just to head up pre-cooked food, but this cabin has an actual full-function kitchen with a gas stove, an oven, a fridge, and a dishwasher.
The kitchen and living room easily suit six people around the table and afterwards, you can enjoy the evening in front of the fireplace by the couch. That’s of course if you don’t decide to sit outside by the fire on the balcony and look at the night sky.
There isn’t much cellphone reception in this forest, but the cabin is equipt with WiFi, so don’t worry – you can still brag to your friends and family, about this magical cabin while being out here 😉


Since the forest and lake where the treetop cabin is located, is owned by the same couple who owns the treetop cabin – you can be sure to enjoy a great wellness session by the lake and in the sauna, completely undisturbed!
The sauna is heated by wood, which gives a great authentic experience. The sauna is as new as the cabin and of course, you have a beautiful panoramic view of the lake while heating up in the sauna. Don’t forget the nordic Viking tradition of jumping into the water after the sauna, no matter which time of the year it is.

Berit and her dog Nelly

Berit will be the person you’re in contact with, before and during your stay at Kristiansand Treetop Cabin.
She speaks perfectly English and is extremely kind and a great host

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