The Bolder – Sky Lodges and Star Lodges

I was invited to stay at The Bolder – but this review is my honest opinion.

Imagine waking up above the clouds and looking down at one of the most stunning fjords in all of Norway, and the last thing you see before closing your eyes is the sparkling Milkyway above your bed.

This is what it’s like to wake up at one of the Star and Sky Lodges by The Bolder.
Located 10min drives from the nearest city on a mountain top you find five unique cabins.
You’ve might have heard of the iconic Preikestolen where thousands of tourists every year stand in line for hours to capture a picture of the view.. well at the Sky and Star Lodges you have an unbelievable view all for yourself.
There is a private road up to the lodges, so you are able to park right outside, but you will not be bothered by people from the outside since there is a roadblock with a code.

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Star Lodge

Star Lodges are the biggest lodges but there is only a double bed. However, there is a dinner table for 4 people, if you are two couples staying in different lodges.
There are 3 Star Lodges and even though they might seem located pretty close to the next one, I didn’t even notice that I had neighbors. Maybe the reason I didn’t notice the neighbors was because the incredible view of Lysefjord took all of my attention.

The Star Lodges are divided up into two floors, a bedroom with a bathroom ensuite downstairs and a kitchen and dining room upstairs. The Star lodges are equipt with classic Scandinavian designs such as VIPP and Eikund.
The kitchen is fully equipt with everything to create a fantastic meal. Fridge, Freezer, induction, oven, dishwasher, and espresso machine.

Sky Lodge

There are two different types of accommodations at The Bolder, and I stayed at one of the two Sky Lodges, where all pictures in this article are from.
The lodges were completed in 2019, which also means that everything is brand new. At these lodges, you’re actually able to cook a proper meal, take a warm shower and sleep like a baby below the stars. I still get surprised, that it’s actually possible to stay this far out in nature without compromising on either quality or luxury.

There are two bedrooms in the Sky Lodges both with a double bed and then a shared bathroom in between. The stairs to reach the 1st floor, where the two bedrooms are located is a bit steep, and not very suitable for small kids, but work great for couples or families with bigger kids.
Both bedrooms have a view of the landscape but there is a master bedroom with the greatest view of the fjord.

While staying at Sky Lodges you are in nature. Therefore you have great opportunities for hiking and exploring the beautiful fjord, Lysefjorden. But when being at the lodge you have all the necessary facilities to enjoy your time.
During my stay, I had a complete day of rain but I didn’t leave the lodge at all and I simply just enjoyed my time, watching the weather change over the mountains and down by the fjord.
Most of the interior is by the danish designer brand VIPP which gives it a classy look but at the same time isn’t too dominant so nature still will be in focus.
All bathroom articles are with a hint of wellness and there is a high-end feeling of every detail in the lodge.

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