Eilert Smith Hotel

Have you ever stayed, at a hotel that felt more like being at home than being at a hotel?
The doors slowly glide open, when you approach the doorsteps of Eilert Smith Hotel in Stavanger city center, and this is where your journey begins.
You’ll be greeted by the door and already now you’re well aware that you won’t be missing a thing during your stay.

The level of hospitality and service is in a different league at this unique boutique hotel, which only has 12 rooms in total.

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The Hotel

The look of Eilert Smith might look like it’s a completely new hotel. However, this boutique is located in a building that dates back to the 1930s and is designed by the talented architect from Stavanger, Eilert Smith. Back in the day this building was used by, Felleskjøpet, a Norwegian agricultural cooperative that serves as a retailer of agricultural operating equipment including animal food and seeds.
Instead of tearing down this iconic building located among wooden houses in the center of Stavanger, the current owners The Stensrud Family, decided to hire the architect, Pål Trodahl, to completely renovate this building and make it a unique hidden gem of a hotel.

Stavanger is not only the gastronomic capital of Norway but also the financial and business center of Norway. Stavanger already has a great number of hotels compared to the number of yearly tourists and working peddlers, which is why The Stensrud Family wanted to make sure this hotel was like no other. All 12 rooms are unique and all the functionality of the original design of the building has been taken into consideration when renovating this hotel.


I’ve stayed at more than a thousand hotels and I can’t count on one hand how many times I’ve actually wanted to sit down on the couch in the room. This is one of the first times I’ve actually preferred to stay as much in the hotel room as exploring the city.
There are 12 rooms at Eilert Smith and all rooms are different, but the service and comfort have the same high level in all of the rooms.

The interior of the rooms is a great mix of new nordic minimalistic style but with a twist of the ’40s which adds a feeling of being home. You are quickly drawn into looking through the piles of LPs, located next to the stereo and finding one of your favorite artists.

Cleaning is happening daily and the maids are making sure your complimentary minibar is refilled every day, and that your duvet and pillows are ready for you when arriving back to the room after a day in lovely Stavanger.

Environmental Philosophy

The environment is in focus in basically everything that’s happening inside and outside of Eilert Smith.
The facade of the building is curved in a way that allows the fresh air to transport further into the city, to make sure that other people in the city were able to get fresh air back in the day.
During the renovation the facade has been painted with special calcium that makes it more residents to damages by the roaring sea and storms.

The interior everywhere inside is decorated and handpicked by Scandinavian and local designers and artists.

Their philosophy is first to try to get things produced and made in Stavanger, afterward from Norway, Then Scandinavia, and if that ain’t possible – from Europe, but the quality is a key factor as well for the Eilert Smith Hotel.


Restaurant RE-NAA

Located at the ground level of Eilert Smith Hotel you find the only 2** Michelin restaurant in all of Norway, which is run by Svend Erik Renaa and his wife Torill Renna.

The Chef offers a menu based on the best products available according to the season. Approximately 25 servings.
Their focus is on the best products from the sea, fjords, land, forests, and mountains in this fertile and generous region. The drink menu is chosen by their sommeliers and adds an extra dimension to their food. The experience will provide a unique tasting journey whatever the occasion.


Every morning breakfast is served in your room. Yes, you read that correctly – inside your room.
This doesn’t mean your breakfast is compromised, it’s actually quite the opposite. The kind hosts will ask you exactly what time you would like to have breakfast served and give you a variety of options to choose between.
This makes it possible to enjoy your breakfast in slippers and your comfy bathrobe while enjoying the cruise ships sailing into the port of Stavanger.

De Historieske & New Nordic Luxury

De Historiske – Historic Hotels & Restaurants – is a unique membership organisation containing many of Norway’s most charming hotels and restaurants in Norway. The group consists of 65 hotels, 20 restaurants and 1 ship which are members of the group.

Eilert Smith is also one of the 4 only hotels ‘Historic Hotels’ which has been classified as one of the ‘New Nordic Luxury’ hotels.

De Historiske

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