Kviknes Hotel Balestrand Norway

This blog post is written in collaboration with Kvikness Hotel. The stay was a gift. 

On our latest road trip in Norway, we came across a beautiful and historic hotel which we really want to tell you about! This blog post is going to be a recommendation of the Kviknes Hotel in Balestrand, Norway. 

The location

Kviknes Hotel is located just on the waterside of a beautiful fjord in Norway called Sognefjorden. The hotel also has views of Dragsvik, Hella and Vangsnes. The view from the hotel is so spectacular because you can see so far into the fjords. You can see many different mountains and the staff even told us that you are able to see the Northern Light from the hotel! There is even an out-of-this-world sunset every evening that you can enjoy while having dinner at their restaurant. We think the location of the hotel is perfect for anyone on a road trip through Norway since there are many beautiful roads to drive on close to the hotel like Sognefjordvegen. Furthermore, Balestrand is a great place to take hikes from! 

The history

The reason why the hotel is such a great place to go on hikes from is, that originally the reason why tourists came to Kviknes Hotel (since it opened in 1752) was to go hiking! The hotel has been owned by the Kvikne family since 1877. Today it is managed by Sigurd Kvikne and his sisters Marta and Kari. We had the pleasure of meeting Sigurd while we were staying at the hotel. Sigurd told us many really funny and interesting stories from different times in the history of the hotel. There is antique furniture, photos, paintings, etc. all over the place that reveals that the hotel holds much history. The hotel definitely has a unique charm and atmosphere, that is incomparable to anywhere else! Because of the hotel’s heritage, uniqueness, and priceless service, the hotel is part of the Historic Hotels. Historic Hotel is a union of hotels in Norway that has a special history, unique characteristics, and quality service. We would definitely recommend you to check out the Historic Hotels if you are ever looking for a special hotel experience in Norway.

The rooms

There are different kinds of rooms at the Kviknes Hotel, but there are also two different buildings where you can stay. The building we stayed in is the main building which is the historic building. This part of the hotel is the one we prefer because it is so beautiful and filled with antique details. The other building is the new and modern extension of the hotel. We would definitely recommend you to book a room in the old main building because this is really in the heart of the hotel and here you can truly feel the hotel’s historic heritage.  Our room was beautifully decorated in a vintage style. However, it had a big modern bathroom and a huge terrace with a view of the fjord! It was the perfect mix of modern convenience and a historic atmosphere. It was so nice to stay in this room and wake up to the beautiful light over the fjord in the morning. 

The restaurant

Kviknes Hotel has the best buffet dinner we have experienced! There are so many different variations of tasty fish and seafood. Everything was great quality and locally sourced! There were also lots of salads for vegans and healthy peeps. Furthermore, there were more desserts than we could count and a great wine menu. We tried a bunch of the desserts and they tasted so amazing. We honestly had way too much food, just because the restaurant buffet was to die for. It is so rare that you stumble upon such great quality buffets in Norway outside the bigger cities, and we were so happy that we got to experience it. As we mentioned earlier, the restaurant also has a beautiful view of the fjord and you can even see the sunset from there.


During the evenings most time of the year, one of the most talented pianists, Age Kristofferson, is playing piano in the lounge area.
This lovely gentleman has been playing in the United States for more than 20 years and has composed many classic hits you most likely know as well.

If you want to find more information about the Kviknes Hotel you can click here. We hope you enjoyed our recommendation of the hotel. Let us know if you have any questions.

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