The Danish Riviera

On our first day of our Danish Adventure, we cruised along what is called The Danish Riviera. This is the coastline of North Zealand. It is known for luxurious and expensive summerhouses, beautiful beaches and the best summer vibes! We have made what we think is the perfect “day-plan” for you if you should ever visit these corners of Denmark.

So here is our take on a perfect day at The Danish Riviera!

A stroll and a dip at Hornbæk beach


Hornbæk beach is the perfect place to start off your day with a nice stroll and a dip. This beach has the most beautiful white sand on the Danish Riviera. The beach is so wide, that it is rarely crowded. Just beside the beach, you will also find Hornbæk harbor and numerous shops and icecream stands. Hornbæk is also a great place to eat and shop! One other recommendation is to buy a coffee and a Danish pastry as your breakfast at Bagt. This is the best bakery in Hornbæk. Everything in Hornbæk is in walking distance and so is Bagt.


When you have cooled down in the nice water at Hornbæk Beach, you should head on to Gilleleje harbor. Rasmus has some of his best childhood memories from this place. His dad used to bring him here to go fishing. Gilleleje harbor will give you a unique insight into the ancient fisherman’s culture in Denmark. It is also the best place to go for lunch if you like to eat fish, and you are keen to try out some of the traditional Danish lunch dishes. And if you like to buy some fish with you home, this is definitely the best place to buy freshly caught fish! The danish fishermen follow an EU regulated law about which fish and how many they are allowed to fish at what time of year. So you can enjoy the fish with a good conscience. If you are vegan as Karoline, then you can go for the bakeries or great ice cream instead!



Your afternoon dip should definitely be at Rågeleje Beach. This beach is unique because of the small colored houses along the beach. When we visited the beach a grandmother and her grandchild were sitting quietly in the grass painting these houses. We understand why! The scenery of the beautiful beach and the cute houses truly captures the Danish beach vibe. It is really iconic. The beach is very long, and you shouldn’t be too afraid that it will be overcrowded. Rågeleje is also known to be a summerhouse town, where people from all over Zealand go to escape their daily stressful lives.


After your dip at Rågeleje beach, you should go for a walk at Heatherhills! This is one of the most beautiful places in all of North Zealand, and you don’t want to miss out! In august, the heather even turns purple and this really makes the area light up. It is such a unique spot, that you won’t find anywhere else! Maybe you can also get a glimpse of some really friendly sheep who likes a little scratch behind the ear.


Last but not least, after a long day of experiencing the Danish Riviera, you should have your well-deserved dinner in Tisvilde. The area around the beach is so beautiful and there are so many cute dining places on the main road that goes all the way down to Tisvilde beach. We can also recommend a pre-or-after-dinner drink or ice cream down at the beach. Here there is a cute little beach bar with hammocks and lounge chairs.

We stayed overnight at Bymose Hegn Hotel, which is really close to Tisvilde and has some great facilities and amazing service.

We hope you liked our perfect day plan at the Danish Riviera, and we hope that you would like to come to Denmark and experience the beautiful area for yourself!

Best Rasmus & Karoline

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