Meet Rasmus!

We are trying to be better at including you guys in our private life and this week we thought we might just do a short Q&A to introduce ourselves properly to you! In the post, we will introduce you to Rasmus and next week our post will be about Karoline. Maybe we will even do one about our relationship if you guys like these kinds of posts. If you have questions we haven’t answered let us know, and we will do a follow-up post. So let’s dig in!

How old is Rasmus?

“I’m 29 years old. My birthday is on the 4th of May. It’s pretty crazy how my 20’s has just pasted so quickly, but I have also had so many crazy experiences and projects going on the last couple of years! All my friends are currently settling down, getting married, buying bigger apartments or houses out of the city, or even having babies. Not that I don’t want all of that at some point, but I’m really not ready for any of that commitment just yet. I’m more inspired by the idea of living in another country for some years or getting a dog. But I can’t even do that since we travel too much, haha”.


What is Ras passionate about?

“My biggest passion is without a doubt photography and video creation. I’ve been into photography since the beginning of my 20’s and the past few years my skills have really progressed. One of the reasons that TheTravelBook was founded was because I loved to take photos of Karoline and our vacations together. In the beginning, she hated that I always brought my camera with me and that the hobby consumed a big part of our vacation time. She was very camera-shy as well. But luckily that changed over time, and now that it is our job I get all the “playtime” with my camera I want 😉 I’m also getting really into sustainability and sustainable innovations, which I think is super important, very inspiring and also challenging”.

Which three words would you use to describe yourself?

“Positive, extrovert and an entrepreneur. Due to my mostly happy mood, very extrovert and social spirit, and all of my project initiatives. I have so many ideas, but so little time”.


What is Ras’ favorite travel destination?

“Honestly, it is such a difficult question for me. I really fall in love with all the destinations and accommodations we visit. However, the countries that have made the biggest impressions on my has to be Japan, Norway, and Madagascar. They are so different in nature, culture, and food, but those three destinations have left me completely speechless. I loved the culture, the technology and the history in Japan. I loved the nature in Norway and Madagascar was just out of this world beautiful. I thought I was gonna die several times during our stay in Madagascar because of the poverty level and rumors about incidents with tourists, but in the end, their culture was so welcoming and openminded”.


What is Ras’ career background?

“I actually only have a high school education. The school was never my strong suit and I just didn’t find any joy in learning from books and teachers. However, during high school, I had the opportunity to sell ski vacations to my fellow students in collaboration with a local Danish ski tour operator, now owned by Sunweb. As it turned out, I was an extremely talented salesman and the company asked me to come and work for them after I graduated. So I did! Today I’ve been in the travel industry for over 10 years and although it was super stressful and high-paced at times I really loved it. However, I got the opportunity to work on TheTravelBook and combine traveling with photography, and that has been so good for me. Less stressful and more meaningful due to our sustainable focus”.


That’s all folks. We hoped that you liked this kind of post, and let us know if you want more of this kind of content in the future! Also, if you have any questions for either one of us, hit us up.

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