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On our way from Møn to Svendborg on our Danish Adventure, we had one night at Lolland. This was such a unique thing to see and we wanted to recommend you guys to experience Dodekalitten Lolland.

The artwork

Dodekalitten is an artwork in Kragenæs on Lolland consisting of several huge sculptures in stone. They are about 9 meters high and some of them have faces carved into them. The sculptures faces have different expressions and have a very powerful look. They are placed on a beautiful field just beside the water, and it is just a stunning setting! We went there during sunset, and we were completely mindblown. That something like this existed in Denmark, was something we couldn’t believe. It truly reminds us of the Easter Islands. We read that the art piece is made from natural stone materials from the environment on Lolland and that the sculptures are standing in a pattern towards the Northern Star.


The Music

The meaning of the whole piece is very focussed on the universe, the earth and the nature on earth. Something that was super cool was the music. The music at the site is continuously composed of an algorithm. The algorithm composes notes from which stars are aligned at the specific moment of time that you visit Dodekalitten. This means, that the music is everchanging and never the same! The music can be very still, or very powerful. It all depends on how the stars are aligned. The artists write that this also reflects the dynamic movements in nature, which can be both silent and stormy.


Experience Dodekalitten Lolland

Experiencing Dodekalitten is so powerful, spiritual and beautiful. You will be completely breathless of standing in the middle of the art piece, watching the stone sculptures facial expressions and listening to the ever-changing music. You really get the feeling of being a very small human in a very big and mysterious universe, that you might never really grasp the meaning of. You can also experience Dodekalitten when the locals come together and celebrate midsummer or other festivities. The locals use the art piece as a canvas for several cultural events.

We hope you liked this recommendation. If you ever do visit Dodekalitten, please let us know. We would love to hear about your experience.

Best Rasmus & Karoline


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