Eco-friendly Hotel Arima in San Sebastian

We stayed at Europe’s biggest eco-friendly Hotel Arima in San Sebastian on our road trip from Copenhagen to Malaga. And it was such a pleasure! We were so impressed by the innovative thinking that has created this beautiful space. Hotel Arima is actually on the list of our favorite eco-friendly hotels in 2020! This is our recommendation of why you should stay at Hotel Arima next time you visit Northern Spain.

The sustainability

Arima Hotel is build of natural, resistant and sustainable materials like stone, iron, and wood. This gives the hotel an earthy and rustique, yet soft and warm look. In every room, you will find organic and recyclable amenities and healthy organic and vegan snacks in the minibar. Every room even has its own recycling system! The area the hotel is located in (just 5 km from San Sebastian center) is very bike-friendly. We were able to charge our hybrid car in one of the hotels charging stations for electric vehicles. Furthermore, the hotel uses geothermal and aerothermal energy, water collection systems for cleaning, water flow reduction filters, and selective waste management, among others. Their restaurant only serves organic and local foods and the food is SO good.

The location

The location of the hotel is excellent if you like to bike or you have a car. There is about 5 km to the center of San Sebastian so you can definitely walk into town as well. San Sebastian is in our opinion the definition of the perfect city. One big beautiful beach where you can sunbathe, swim or even surf. There is a traditional and culturally old town filled with traditional pintxos restaurants. This part of the city is so charming! There is also a modern new area with great shopping, fusion restaurants, etc. In addition, you are able to experience some local sporting events in their huge stadium just outside the center of San Sebastian.

The rooms

The rooms at Hotel Arima are so beautiful. The interior reminds us of most of a mix between Japanese and Scandinavian design. The beds are really comfortable and it is easy to sense that the bedding is of great quality. The rooms are very functional and filled with innovative design and technology. We especially loved the design of the bathroom which had its own recycling system, a nice shower, and a bath and organic eco-friendly amenities. One of our favorite things about this room was actually the minibar! It is rare that the minibar actually contains snacks you want to eat, that are healthy, organic and vegan!

The restaurant

There are two restaurants at the Hotel Arima. Both of them are out of this world yummy. They serve healthy, organic food made of local ingredients. The staff is very sweet and welcoming and will accommodate your every need. We had breakfast at the restaurant Misura in the mornings, and they serve a mean buffet. It was a pure paradise for me (Karoline), as they offer a variety of vegan smoothies, toppings, juice, and cakes. We definitely recommend you to try this! Its a bit expensive for Spain, but it is so worth it if you are into healthy eco-friendly food.
They also have what they call a cafeteria as well. It´s called Tilia. We had a lovely quesadilla there the first night, which was so yummy!



The gym and swimming pool

This is, without a doubt, the best gym we have ever been to at a hotel! The interior is so cool and raw and the machines and equipment are brand new. You really feel inspired to work up when the facilities are as good as at Arima! We had some great workout sessions here! The space is big, so there is plenty of room for everyone.
If you are there doing the summer period, you have to try out the lovely rooftop swimming pool as well!

Next time you are in San Sebastian you should definitely stay here! You won’t regret it.

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