Melsted Badehotel, Bornholm.

I was invited to stay at Melsted Badehotel, but this is my honest opinion.

While staying at Melsted Badehotel I didn’t use my curtains. Exactly as I hoped I was awakened by the first lightrays shining through the big windows, and while I was still partly asleep, I stumbled towards the window and opened my eyes. I was greeted with the most magnificent sight. A big beautiful orange sun rising at the horizon over the majestic baltic sea.
This morning pretty much describes exactly the kind of vibe you can expect while staying at Melsted Badehotel. ‘Badehotel’ can be translated directly to ‘Seaside Resort’. I’ve stayed at a few different seaside resorts around Denmark, but I’ve never had the same experience and what I connect with the true meaning of a ‘Badehotel’ before.

Melsted Badehotel is located on the northern coastline of Bornholm and it’s in my opinion a bit of a hidden gem. I’ve spent quite some time at Gudhjem, which is one of the bigger cities in Bornholm, which is located just 15 min walk from the hotel, but I’ve never visited Melsted Badhotel before.
Which is a big mistake.

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What for me completed this hotel, is that it’s in fact taking in the nature and the vibe of the ocean. It’s located by a beautiful beach in a quiet, but the hotel is also centered around the ocean no matter if you’re in your beautiful striped-painted room, eating at the restaurant, or taking a walk.
It might sound like an easy task to bring in the ocean vibe to a hotel located by the ocean, but my experience is that it’s hard to do it in a way that makes it natural. But it truly feels that way at Melsted Badehotel.


There are several possibilities when it comes to room types at the hotel. During my stay, there was also a great mixture of the guest staying. A few families, a couple with a small kid, a few locals, and some on a romantic getaway. Melsted seems not just to be a physical place but also a universe a lot of people like to support and tap into. This also means you can find room types of any kind suite for exactly your purpose.


The restaurant at the hotel is no expectations from the rest of the hotel. Everything is taken into consideration. Tables are placed in a way that gives as many people as possible a dazzling view of the great Baltic Sea. With a minimalistic and high-end Scandinavian design, you’re sure to have comfortable settings for your gastronomic experience at Melsted Badehotel.

You are able to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant. You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to enjoy a meal at the incredible restaurant. Many locals also seemed to come and enjoy their evening here.
The kitchen is run by the extremely talented chef, Martin Paaske-Christensen, who has a great history of fine dining restaurants in his repertoire. You’ve might also seen the danish movie on Netflix ‘Toscana’ which is the most seen danish movie on Netflix , with more than 15 million hours of watching, is based on the warm and friendly headchef Martin Paaske-Christensen.

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