Norwegian Scenic Routes

Norway might just be the best country in the world for road trips. I can be completely objective in this matter since I have no relationship with Norway.

During my grownup life, I’ve chosen Norway several times as my destination for several reasons. Two main reasons are that the country is perfect for driving around in electric cars and the roads are not mainly for transportation but also for the scenic part.
In Norway there is a saying ‘Things, Takes, Time’ and that goes for basically everything in this country but definitely also for driving. But a good thing about driving in Norway is that beauty is all around you – so you are really not in a hurry. The speed limit in most places is 80k m/h which for some might seem like frustration but when you’re driving in the most beautiful landscape you don’t really need to go any faster.

Norwegian Scenic Routes are 18 selected roads that run through landscapes with unique natural qualities, along coasts and fjords, mountains and waterfalls. The routes are intended as alternatives to the main roads, and the drive itself should be an enjoyable experience.

The 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes

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