What to do in Røsnæs

During our Danish Adventure, we had the opportunity to experience a small town called Røsnæs near Kalundborg. This is in the very western part of Zealand in Denmark. While we stayed at Røsnæs Strandhotel, we had time to explore the local environment and find the best activities for you guys! This post will be our recommendations to what to do in Røsnæs.

Outdoor activities at Røsnæs

This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parts of Denmark you can experience. The area is also known as the part of Denmark which has the most hours of sunshine each year! So we highly recommend you to do some outdoor activities during your stay. It was possible for us to rent some bikes at Røsnæs Strandhotel, and we believe similar rental services will be available for you if you stay at another hotel. There are dedicated mountain bike trails if you are up for a challenge, but you can also canoe, run or hike.

Taste Danish wine at Dyrehøj Vineyard

We will also recommend you to do a guided tour at the local vineyard Dyrehøj, which is actually Denmarks biggest vineyard. Dyrehøj’s vines have won several awards and they taste really really good! After your visit, if you want to buy some local delicacies or some of their wine, they also have a small farm shop. We had a great lunch at the vineyard, which is very recommendable. The food was amazing and they also had a vegan menu.

Eat dinner at Restaurant Næs

We had dinner at the beautiful Restaurant Næs, which is the restaurant just beside Røsnæs Strandhotel. Even if you don’t stay at Røsnæs Strandhotel, we would still recommend you to have dinner at Næs. They serve high-quality modern Danish food, which is made of 90% organic groceries. This is a really good way to be introduced to fresh Danish gastronomy. They also serve several organic wines, and it is also possible to taste Dyrehøj’s wines here.

We hope that you liked these recommendations for your stay in Røsnæs. If you ever do any of our recommendations, please let us know! We would love to hear about your experience.

Best Rasmus & Karoline

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