What to see in Jægerspris!

During our Danish Adventure, we visited northwest Zealand in Denmark, more specifically Jægerspris. We had the best days of adventures! In this post, we will recommend you what to see in Jægerspris. These tips will melt your foodie, sustainability obsessed and eco-friendly heart.

A day of exploring what to see in Jægerspris

Northwest Zealand is an area known for beautiful nature and many organic agriculture farms. We believe you should stop by some of the local farm shops and cafes to experience and taste some of the local products. We combined a stop at a local organic ice cream factory named Hansens Is with a stop at the farm Svanholm where the milk to the icecream factory comes from. We stayed at Femhoej, which is a really nice and recommendable bed&breakfast. Femhoej was also in super short driving or biking distance of both places.

Hansens Is

Hansens Is is an ice cream producers, and you will without a doubt see them in icecream shops around Denmark. Hansen Is origins from Jægerspris where they have their offices, their ice cream factory and a small delicatessen shop with all their products. They also sell other gourmet products. You won’t travel through Jægerspris without noticing the huge presence of Hansens Is with icecream shops and sign all over town. The great part about Hansens Is is that they care a lot about the environment and sustainability. Therefore, they are an organic ice cream company. Even better is, that the milk they use to produce their ice cream comes from the farm Svanholm which is not even 10 km away from the ice cream factory. This means that they also support the local community and their supply chain is also more green in terms of transportation. Hansen Is also have vegan ice cream so Karoline was thrilled!

Svanholm organic farm and kollektiv

The milk Hansens Is use to make their ice cream comes from the organic cattle at Svanholm. Svanholm is an old major estate which became a kollektiv in 1978. A kollektiv is a very sustainable danish form of living, where families and singles live together as one big family and have shared economics. Svanholm is self-sufficient in terms of food, as they live off the land that surrounds Svanholm. Many of the residents work at Svanholms farm as their day time job. They also have their own windmill which supplies the residents with almost all their energy use. In other words: their sustainable initiatives are cool as f*ck and we could all learn from them! If you ever find yourself in Jægerspris, you should definitely visit Svanholm who also has a delicatessen shop, cafe, and organic vegetable shop.

Animal welfare at Svanholm

Another amazing thing about Svanholm is, that they allow the cow’s calves to stay with their moms until they are big. This means that Svanholm doesn’t produce as much milk, because the calves also drink a lot of it. But although this means that Svanholm loses some money, they have decided that animal welfare is more important to them. We are so excited about this and we believe the peeps at Svanholm deserves huge applause! To loop this information back to where we started: we also think Hansens Is should have some credit for choosing a local, organic and animal welfare concerned farm as Svanholm.

We hope that you liked our recommendation of what to see in Jægerspris. Let us know if you ever visit either Hansens Is or Svanholm, we would love to hear about your experience!

Hugs Rasmus & Karoline

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