Organic Farm Restaurant Rabarbergaarden

During our visit to The Danish Riviera, we found this absolutely stunning gem of a restaurant! We were both so blown away when we visited the place, that we just had to write a dedicated post about it. This post will be about the organic farm restaurant Rabarbergaarden in Vejby, North Zealand.

Its all about the organic and free-range vibe!

Our first impression of Rabarbergaarden was, that this is the kind of place you would find in Malibu or Australia – not in a small town in Denmark. The place is really decorated with a sense of detail. There are beautiful sunflowers, nice glass greenhouses, cute furniture, and freshly cut flowers on every table of the restaurant. The first thing you will notice at Rabarbergaarden is, that chickens run free around and are enjoying themselves to the fullest! They aren’t restricted to any specific area of the farm so they all over the place. They might even join you for lunch! There are so many different animals at Rabarbergaarden that we spent almost one hour just photographing them. Chickens, pigs and horses, and they all had great paddocks and a clean environment. It was such a good experience for animal lovers like ourselves.

About the yummy dining

We decided to have lunch at Rabarbergaarden and what a treat! They have the yummiest looking menu with natural, organic and free-range ingredients. Every foodie in Denmark(if not the world) would want to come here and eat. There wasn’t anything vegan on the menu, but Karoline had a really nice vegetarian dish. They really know how to make food look and taste great with only natural ingredients. If you ever visit Rabarbergaarden, you should definitely eat here as well! It is also a nice way to experience an organic farm that really treats their animals good and with respect. It truly makes you enjoy your food even more. The best thing about Rabarbergaarden is that you can sit outside and enjoy your tasty meal while glancing at the chickens and the horses that are having the time of their lives.

We hope that you like this recommendation. Let us know if you are going to visit Rabarbergaarden! We are so excited to hear what you think about it!

Hugs Karoline & Rasmus

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