Mjonøy Cabin Vinje Norway

Advertisement Mjonøy Cabin Vinje Norway. We will mark this blog post as an advertisement because we stayed at Mjonøys cabin Solbu for free. However, our arrangement did not include any promise to promote them in any way. Therefore this blog post is written in pure public service because it’s a great place. You’re welcome 😉

We’ve already been on our eco-friendly Nordic Adventure for five days now, and we want to share our first really special experience with you!

We stayed at a sustainable cabin in Vinje, Norway, and it was such a cosy (‘koselig’ in Norwegian) place! On the premises, there are 13 Norwegian styled wooden cabins in different sizes that are called by different names. Our cabin was named Solbu and could fit 6 people. It had one bedroom with two sleeping places, one open plan living room with 4 sleeping places, a tv, a big kitchen, two dinner tables, a big bathroom and a sauna!! The cabins are made of locally harvested timber.

Talk about sustainably made cabins…

The timber in our cabin was 200 years old and some of the timber in the other cabins was 400 years old! Its kinda like staying at a museeum! Just beside our cabin, there was the cutest small old school wood oven bakery, where the sweet baker Julvinus (not sure that’s spelt right) makes traditional Norwegian pastry and bread. So yummy!! Imagine waking up in an old wooden cabin covered in snow, lighting a fire in the oven and walking next door to grab a cinnamon bun to eat for breakfast with some hot coffee. Not bad at all.

Mjonøy Cabin in Vinje, Norway, is located in the middle of nowhere with the most beautiful untouched nature!

In the summer the cabins are fully booked of buzzing holiday guests that are gathering in the common areas to eat, drink and enjoy themselves. During the day you can hike, bike and visit the local brewery. They even host summer weddings! In the wintertime, you can ski, rent ski equipment at the local library, light a fire, read a book, drink some tea and just enjoy the silence. The place is so peaceful and perfect for a getaway to unplug and slow down time.

To book a cabin you need to contact Torunn who is the amazing owner of all of the cabins and the bakery.  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mjonoy/

Website: http://mjonoy.no

Email: mjonoy@gmail.com

This is Torunn.
She is the owner of this beautiful cabins and the greatest host!

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