Sylt, Germany

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This summer we drove around Denmark on our Danish Adventure. We went to visit the island Rømø in the southwestern part of Denmark and we had no idea a German island called Sylt, was located right below.
Sylt is truly a well-kept secret by the Germans – and we fully understand why! As soon as you step a foot on the island you enter a time warp.
Most parts of the island are nature reserves and it seems like it´s only the capital Westerland, that is still growing. Every other part of the island is well kept in their natural habitats. But this also gives the perfect combination of a bigger city with shopping possibilities and city life but also the most idyllic landscapes and sceneries. All located on a 40km long island.

Budersand Hotel

We stayed at an incredible hotel and golf resort Budersand. We have stayed in many 5-star hotels all around the world, but we have to admit this was a special experience. The hotel is located in the very southern part of the island in a remote and idyllic area with the golf course. The service was outstanding and the facilities kept surprising us. One of the only Michelin restaurants is also located inside of Budersand.


Ellenbogen is the northernmost point of Sylt and thus Germany. It is only about four kilometers from the Danish North Sea island of Rømø – which you can even see when the weather is nice.
The 330 meters narrow and 1200 meter long peninsula belongs to the Diedrichsen family and is therefore privately owned. In order to drive the Ellenbogen by car, you have to pay a toll, or you can explore the most beautiful piece of Sylt on foot or by bike, this is completely free of charge.
We paid 6€ for a one day entrance with the car.

The entire area of Ellenbogen is a huge bird and nature reserve in which rich biodiversity of birds, sheep, and seals live. In the middle of the picturesque protected area is the Königshafen surf spot, which magically attracts kite and windsurfers. Here is an ideal area for the newcomers among the surfers, but also old-fashioned surfers will get their money’s worth.

Important: Bathing is forbidden at Ellenbogen and is life-threatening since particularly strong deep currents occur here.

Sylter Royal Oysters

If you are a fan of oysters, Sylter Royal is the perfect place.
Located directly off the coast of Sylt and nourished by the unique German Wadden Sea, their Sylter Royal offers an unforgettable oyster delight.
Their methods on how to grow the oysters is a very unique technique. Due to high-temperature differences in the water, they grow the oysters indoors during the winter to save them from the freezing water.
You can taste several kinds of fresh oysters at their restaurant.

Address: Hafenstraße 10 – 12, 25992 List, Germany

Sylter Meersalz

Sylter Meersalz is one of the most interesting companies we have ever visited! They use the leftovers of the saltwater from the production of Royal Oysters to produce their salt. However, the owner Aleksandro Pape is a former chief with 2 Michelin stars from the restaurant Fährhaus, who cares a lot about environment. His methods of producing salt is very unique.
He uses his salt production also to produce his own beer ´Watt´and classic handmade Italian pasta. Aleksandra is an entrepreneur and has a vision of creating a new project every second year, to keep his production as sustainable as possible.

Address: Hafenstraße 2, 25992 List, Germany

Brot & Bier

Aleksandro Pape opened the restaurant Brot & Bier in Sylt as one of his projects. He opened a restaurant where he could serve his Watt beer and still be creative with food.
In Denmark, we have a traditional type of food called ´Smørrebrød´. The food served at Brot & Bier is a fusion and luxury version of Smørrebrød. It is different toppings on bread made especially for the topping. I had a slice of white bread served with salmon, that reminded me a bit of sushi but with an excellent and unknown twist.
I can highly recommend visiting this unique concept of a restaurant.
The restaurant is no longer owned by Aleksandro Pape, but a new owner who make sure to keep developing the concept and taste.

Address: Gurtstig 1, 25980 Sylt, Germany

Rote Kliff

Who doesn’t enjoy a walk on the beach? The island Sylt is covered with beautiful white sand beaches! It ain’t difficult to imagine the buzzing vibe of happy times during the summertime at this beach.
However, it was also the perfect beach for a walk in the sunshine during the winter. There were lots of people going for a walk with their partner, friends or dog – but it never felt crowded because of the wide beach long distances.

Rote Kliff is one of the most impressive landmarks on the island of Sylt and northern Germany.
It stretches on the beachside between Wenningstedt to Kampen for about four kilometers and forms a unique and imposing steep edge of almost 30 meters in height.

Tip: Especially at sunset, the clay pebble cliff colored by limonite sandstone shines in all its beauty.

Address: Braderuper Weg 3, 25999 Kampen (Sylt), Germany

Braderuper Heide

Braderuper Heide is a nearly 140-hectare nature reserve between Kampen and Braderup with a unique view of the vast heathland and the almost endless Wadden Sea. The area is crossed by picturesque hiking trails through diverse flora and fauna.

Tip: We have been told the most spectacular time to visit Braderuper Heide is in late summer. There is a special sight when the Braderuper Heath shines in a delicate purple


If you are a fan of beautiful old cottages and historical places, Keitum is the place! We highly recommend parking your park and experiencing the village on foot. Many of the houses are several hundred years old and used to belong to the captains of the German army. Also, almost every house at the island Sylt has a hatch roof as on the picture below.


Hörnum is the city located in the very southern part of Sylt. It takes around 40 minutes to drive from the most northern part, List, to Hörnum.
There are four beautiful lighthouses at Sylt, but our favorite as you see in the picture below is located in Hörnum. There is a small city center with a few restaurants, a fishermen harbor, and beautiful beaches.
The hotel we stayed at, Budersand, is also located with their golf fields close to Hörnum center.

Hotel 54° Nord – Dock 2

If you would like to try the pasta, Aleksandra Pape makes with his salt production, as we mentioned earlier in this blog post, you should visit Hotel 54° Nord. Another famous German food is the german version of pizza, Flammkuchen. The prices are fair, their service is great and the interior fits perfect to the surroundings of Hörnum.
Address: Strandstraße 2, 25997 Hörnum (Sylt), Germany


Sansibar on Sylt is a famous German restaurant and bar, located at the beach. It has 160 indoor seats in the restaurant and 250 outdoor seats on the terrace and in the dunes. In the wine cellar, a vault under the wooden hut of Zanzibar, 30,000 bottles are stored, distributed in 1100 items, worth several million euros.

In 1974, the Swabian cook Herbert Seckler moved to Sylt at the age of 22. First, he found work in the catering trade in Westerland and then bought a kiosk, which was located on the nudist beach between Rantum and Hörnum. There he sold home cooking, sausages, and French fries. The snack bar was called “Sansibar”. Out of the season, Seckler worked on butter ships in order not to run into financial difficulties. After the Sansibar beach restaurant, which was hardly known at the time, burned down in 1982, Seckler decided to build a larger Zanzibar which is the current Sansibar.

Address: Hörnumer Straße 80 Strandabschnitt, 25980 Sylt,


Sylt is the only place in Germany where you can surf.
Due to the location and open waters, huge waves are hitting the beautiful long beaches of Sylt.
There are several surf camps located on the island if you have little or no experience with surfing but would like to try it.
You can check out the surf forcast and report at this link

Restaurant Hus in Lee

If you arent scared of trying local food, we can highly recommend Restaurant Hus In Lee! This tavern serves lovely traditional Sylt and german dishes. The size of the plates are enormous, so a starter is not necessary to get full!
Address: Hörnumer Str. 26, 25980 Sylt, Germany

Christmas Market

The Germans are well known for their Christmas markets. Tons of Danish people cross the southern border to reach a Christmas market, but I bet not a lot of people know there is a Christmas market in Sylt.
It is not a huge Christmas market, but it fits very well with the size of the city Westerland in Sylt.
You are able to buy a few products on the market, but mainly people use it for getting a hot gluhwein or hot chocolate.
Tip: remember to bring cash, since some of the stands at the island do not accept credit card.


There are two different ways of getting to the island Sylt.
One is taking the ferry from the danish island Rømø to the harbor List on Sylt. The ferry is sailing several times a day throughout the whole year.
You can find the prices and timetables for the ferry here.
The second opportunity is to take the train that goes from Hamburg directly to the center of Westerland in Sylt. You are able to drive onboard the train and sit in the car while being transported across the beautiful Wattenmeer.
You can find the prices and timetables for the train here.

Thank you so much for reading our blog post about Sylt, we hope you enjoyed it.
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