What to experience on Læsø

This blog post is written in collaboration with Visit Nordjylland. We stayed on Læsø during our eco-friendly Danish Adventure. The recommendations of what to experience on Læsø are our favorite tips to have a great time on the Danish island! Let’s begin!

Stay in the historic seaweed house KNØV!

We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to stay at the legendary seaweed house KNØV. This house’s roof is made of seaweed which is an ancient cultural tradition at Læsø. The owners of KNØV are educated in and very passionate about making these seaweed roofs, and are working with it as a profession. The house is so cute and old school and has so many fun and noticeable features inside. The house is recently restored, so it is fully isolated and equipped with modern luxuries despite its 200 years of age. There are two apartments in Knøv. Apartment A, where we stayed, and apartment B, which we believe is a little bit bigger and will suit a bigger family. We really had the best time in these beautiful surroundings at KNØV and can definitely recommend a stay here!

Visit the farm Storhaven and the owners of KNØV

Solveig and Henning, who are the couple who owns KNØV actually also has the farm Storhaven. What is special about this place is, that they have animals like donkeys, sheep, horses, goats, cats and a dog that all loves to be petted. Furthermore, they have a shop with delicatessens, clothes, and beauty care all made on Læsø. Solveig makes her own skin and body care, which is possible to buy at the shop. We tried some of the products, and they are really nice! It is also possible to have breakfast or lunch at the farm. Here they serve food made with local ingredients. They even make their own ice cream of local seaweed, berries, and other yummy ingredients! Solveig and Henning are really nice, passionate and knowledgeable people, who you should definitely chat with if you are looking for some insights about Læsø.

Harvest seaweed and eat it!

One of our absolute favorite experiences on Læsø was harvesting our own seaweed, cooking it on the beach and eating it! This experience was orchestrated by Rie, who is the sweetest and kindest woman and who owns Læsø Tang. We learned so much about the seaweed on the beaches of Denmark, about its great nutritional value and about how you are able to implement it in your daily foods. And the best part was, that the seaweed tasted so good! You are able to visit Rie at her farm shop to test and purchase some of her seaweed products. You can book an experience similar to ours through her contact information on her website. However, she only does these tours during the summer. We would honestly love to visit Rie and her seaweed operation again since we really had the best evening with her.

Lobster Houses in Læsø

Back in the days the men always went fishing and were away from the island in longer periods of time. In the end, the women were fed up with it in decided to take matters in their own hands.
When the men finally came back from their trips and wanted to make decisions in the household, it was too late. The women were now in charge. Not only at the house but also in business.
Therefore the men build these small little houses to have some privacy and catch lobsters together with the other men.
In 2019 most of the business in Læsø are still run by women.

Horseback ride in the beautiful nature on Læsø

Horseback riding is something that is offered multiple places in Denmark and will be a great experience no matter where you chose to go. However, if you want the unique experience to gallop through shallow waters and experience some of Denmarks most beautiful nature, you should check out Fædrelandet on Læsø. They offer guided tours for every level of horseriding skill, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience. Another thing that we really appreciated about this place is, that the horses seemed to have a really nice environment to live in. The girls at the stables also truly cared for the animals, and this was great to experience!

Have dinner at Læsø Spisehus

Lastly, we will recommend you to have dinner at Læsø Spisehus. This restaurant is located on Østerby harbor and when you dine here you will have a beautiful view of all the activities at the harbor. The food at the restaurant is amazing. The owner of the restaurant, Andreas, is very focussed on choosing local and sustainable ingredients. Læsø is very known for its fishing tradition, and you should definitely try out some of their fish or seafood. They do not have a vegan menu, however, they are able to dish something up for you if you call ahead. Karoline had the most amazing vegan main course consisting of pasta in a creamy mushroom sauce. So yummy!

We hope that you liked our recommendations of what to experience on Læsø. If you ever visit læssø, make sure to let us know! We would love to hear about your experience.

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