How to stay healthy on long travels?

When we are traveling in as high pace as we have done on our Nordic Adventure and Danish Adventure, it is important to stay healthy on the road. When you travel it is easy to exhaust yourself and expose yourself to many new bacteria, so it is normal to get sick during a longer adventure. These are some of our favorite tips on how to stay healthy on long travels, so you will have the energy to experience the countries you visit

Stay hydrated!

Tip numero uno: So basic, yet often forgotten: Remember to stay hydrated. You lose so much water in your body when you are traveling. Especially if you are flying or you are traveling in a hot-weathered country. It is such a rookie mistake to get sick because of dehydration – but we have probably all been there at some point of our jet-setter career. And it is SO uncomfortable to be dehydrated! You get so sick. We recommend always to carry a reusable water bottle with you. If you are super pro, you can even add sugar and salt to your water bottle. This will help your cells to hydrate quicker. This is a great tip to avoid that hungover feeling you might get after long flights.

Bring lots and lots of healthy snacks

Karoline’s favorite health hack is to always bring an embarrassing amount of healthy snacks with you on the road. She always stacks up on fruit, nuts, raw bars, protein bars and chocolate with at least 70% cacao. This is a good idea especially if you have special dietary needs since it can be difficult to find these healthy snacks on the road. Having a lot of healthy and nutritious snacks around you will also motivate you to stay healthy and not indulge in comfort foods.

Bring an activity prop with you in your suitcase!

If you bring an activity prop of your choosing, e.g: skateboard, running shoes, yoga mat, resistance bands, this will motivate you to work out during your travels! Especially if you are on a road trip, it can be so energizing to working out after a long drive. We’ve also heard rumors about that working out immediately after a long flight will cure your yet-lag, but we haven’t been able to test that theory yet! Karoline always brings her travel-sized yoga mat with her on all our journeys. It has been with us in Thailand, Vietnam, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. It is convenient and motivating!

Track you level of activity

This is a health hack that Rasmus really follows! You can track your level of activity either with an app or an activity watch: e.g an Apple Watch. Usually, we are actually so much more active during vacations than we are at home, so it’s a good idea to keep track of your activity level! This way you can motivate yourself to walk more, or even skip a workout because you might already have been enough active! Again, this is super good for those who are on long road trips and who need the motivation to get off the car and stretch their legs!

Another one we tend to underestimate: Sleeeep!

Remember to get your sleep. It is so important for your mental health as we get so many impressions when we are traveling. It is also important for your physics as you need the rest between tough and long travel days. Even smaller naps during the siesta hours can really help detox and energize your brain and body.

Treat yourself! – in moderation

We don’t restrict our diet to any specifics (except that Karoline is vegan). But we make sure to have a very balanced diet. This means that we can have one or two glasses of wine, a 4-course dinner with dessert one day, but then the next day we will try to go for the mineral water and a green salad. It is important not to indulge completely if you are on vacation. If you do, it is so quick to get off track and lose what you might have worked hard on achieving before the vacation. E.g: if it is your goal to lose weight, you can gain weight so quickly during a vacation if treat yourself at every meal every day. But it might take you 3 months of sweat and tears in the gym to lose the extra kgs you put on during your vacation! So enjoy you vacation – but in moderation! And really appreciate it when you do treat yourself.

We hope you liked these tips on how to stay healthy when traveling for a longer period of time. Let us know what you think about them, or if you have some other great tips!

Rasmus & Karoline

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