The Wilderness Village in Värmland

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Going back to basics in the wilderness.

Staying at The Wilderness Village makes you forget everything about time and place. There is no cellphone reception, water, electricity, heat, toilet – no nothing. For many of you, this might seems scary and as an awful holiday.
But if you haven´t tried staying in the wilderness – you have to give it a go!

We love luxury and we love nature. By keep swapping between both worlds we get so much more out of our different experiences.


Each cabin has everything you need. A bed and a burning stove.
Remember that this experience is all about being out in the nature. There is no electricity but plenty of candlelights and lanterns. The stove will keep you warm doing the cold nights.


Since there is no water or electricity – the facilities are very back to basics at Wilderness of Sweden.
However, the details everywhere at the village is so incredible, that even going to the outdoor toilet is cozier than a hotel toilet.
There is no such thing as a dishwasher and (of course) there is a recycling system for all your waste and garbage.
If you need water you take it from the nearby located river and boil it at the stove.

Main building “Bjørnen”

All of the cabins has different names, and the main building is called “Bjørnen” which means “The Bear”.
This cabin works not only as the common indoor area for relaxing but also as the kitchen and dining room.
The many candlelights and lanterns gives the room a truly unique and romantic atmosphere.

Wild Spa

The villages is located by a small beautiful river. And it would not be a Swedish village if there wasnt a sauna! You fire up the stove in the cabin and put water on the hot stones to increase the temperatur in the sauna.

The founder of The Wilderness Village

The woman who made this place so unique is called Lina.
She finds peace and joy wondering around in the wilderness and keeps on investing in new details for the village. When we arrived at the village her daughter and she came out of the forest and they had been following footprints from Animals. Lina used to live in Alaska and she knows a lot about animal behaviour and wildlife. This makes her the perfect host and we cannot wait to be back in the village!

If you want to book a cabin in the village please look at this link.

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