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We have found the perfect combination between, completely back to basics in the nature and luxery.

Getting to Bergaliv

Bergaliv is located at the top of a mountain in the Swedish forest.
It is not possible to drive to Bergliv doing the wintertime. Therefore, you need to park the car at Orbaden Spa & Resort Hotel and walk into Bergliv.
It takes around 45min-1hour with snow shoes. Just the fact that you can´t get here by car makes it special.


This wooden loft house is perfect down to the smallest detail!
We did not have high expectations of a tree cabin in the middle of the woods. However, Bergaliv has everything you!
– Heating
– Toilet (waterless)
– Drinking water
– Japanese futon mattresses
– Dynas and pillows
– Kettle (+Tea & coffee)
– Refrigirator
– Wifi
– Electricity

Food & Drinks

We arrived quite late to the hotel where we picked up the snowshoes and a rucksack. In the rucksack was our tapas dinner and at the cabin, a bottle of champagne was waiting. Karoline received a special packed vegan tapas dinner.

Our refrigerator was filled up with the most wonderful breakfast.
Everything was fresh, local and organic. Again, Karoline got special prepared vegan breakfast.

Tapas dinner

What to do

One of the things that makes Bergaliv so unique is the location.
You have around 1-hour walk back to civilization. This means lots of nature and wildlife.
Just 10 min walk further up the mountain you find a lookout tower. It feels like you are standing at the top of the world and the view is incredible!
When you wake up in the morning you see lots of footprints from the local moose, hares and bears.

Orbaden Spa & Resort Hotel

After your stay at Bergliv, you can enjoy a day at the beautiful spa where you park your car.
This is the perfect way of ending your romantic getaway at Bergaliv.

Local brewery

The brothers Malmberg took over the old lift-station at the bottom of the mountain. They started their own brewery and is making local, organic and good quality beer!
You can find their brewery at this link.

The Family Michelson

On the picture below you see a picture of the creator of Bergaliv. Her name is Hanna and she is an architect.
Her father, Staffan, is the greatest host and he is always one step ahead of you when it comes to hospitality!
The mother of the family, Lena, is an artist and she has created all the beautiful ceramic at Bergaliv.
It was an absolute pleasure staying at Bergaliv, and we will definitely be back to explore it during other seasons as well.

Hanna Michelson
Lena & Staffan Michelson

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