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Geilo is the oldest ski resort in all of Norway. It is still one of the biggest!
The first hotel in Geilo was build in 1890 called Geilo Hotel.
Bergen Line which is the train running from Oslo – Bergen goes through Geilo.

A sustainable destination

Below you can find the 10 reasons that make Geilo a sustainable destination. Geilo is among the 9 destinations in all of Norway that lives up to the criterias of becoming a sustainable destinaiton.

Preservation of nature, culture, and environment

1. Cultural wealth, e.g.: Local food traditions
2. Landscape’s physical and visual integrity, e.g.: Welcome point in Geilo
3. Biodiversity, e.g.: Wild reindeer
4. Clean environment and resource efficiency, e.g.: Waste management

Strengthening of Social Values

5. Local quality of life and social value creation, e.g.: Meeting places
6. Local control and involvement, e.g.: Cooperation agreements
7. Job quality for tourism employees, e.g.: Kick-off for seasonal workers
8. Guest satisfaction and security, e.g.: Guest surveys

Economic Viability

9. Economically viable and competitive tourism destinations through local value creation, e.g.: Joint marketing plan for tourism in the municipality
10. Economically viable and competitive tourism businesses, e.g.: Stimulate to shop locally

Award for Sustainable Destination

• Quality brand for destinations in Norway
• Based on a standard of criteria and indicators
• In line with the 10 principles for sustainable tourism
• Assumes continuous development

Sustainable activities

Husky dog sledding

This beats pretty much all other activities we have ever tried!
It is the so relaxed and at the same time full of action.
This husky trip company ´Geilo Husky´is managed by the greatest lady. She cares so much about the dogs, an make sure they are treated well and gets enough rest.
´Geilo Husky´has the Eco-Lighthouse certificate. This shows that they care about HSE (Health Safety and Environment). Safety is a top priority for both guest, dogs and staff.

You can book your husky trip on this link.


What’s great about Norway and Geilo is that you are able to change between alpine and cross-country. These two types of skiing are very different from each other, but lots of fun and good exercise.
Going cross-country is a lot more peaceful and you get to see nature in a completely different way. It does not take a lot of practice. You can choose between all types of levels and length of trips and tracks.

You can download a fantastic app ´Skisporet´that shows all the tracks. It also live update where/when the tracks are made.
IOS (Iphone)

Lots of other eco-friendly acitivies

Geilo has so much to offer and the list of activities you can do is endless! These are a few more suggestions to what you can do:
– Ice fishing
– Electric snowmobile safari
– Fat bike
– Hiking (Not in winter season)
– Snowshoes (hiking in winter season)
– Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride

You can read a lot more about the activities at this link.

Vestlia Resort

We stayed in this amazing hotel Vestlia, which is located right on the slopes. For both cross country and alpine skiing.
The service we received at Vestlia, was absolutely outstanding! There is a half pension program at Vestlia with delicious food! A massive breakfast buffet with everything you need and for dinner a 3-course menu.
The style is very “Norwegian cabin-ish” but with a modern touch.
There is a massive fitness room with great facilities, a 25m swimming pool and a spa department.

You can find prices and book your stay at this link.


While you are in Geilo you should most definitely visit Sofia at Bardøla Høyfjelsshotel .
The plates are massive and the dishes very tasteful!
The hotel is also absolutely stunning and a place we can also recommend to stay.

Highland Bakery

This bakery is located in the hotel Highland Lodge is basically the place that delivers bread for all of Geilo. Their French bakers produce several different types of bread, rolls, buns, and not least their well-known and tasty cinnamon bun!
Highland Lodge has the same owner as Vestlia and somehow look similair.
So if you cannot find availbality at Vestlia, we reccommend you try at Highland Lodge.

Norway home of skiing

This is where you have to look if you want inspiration to your next ski-adventure. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an alpine or cross-country holiday. Norway Home of Skiing is supporting 9 of the greatest ski destinations in Norway. At their website, you can explore all kind of destinations and find the one that suits your demands.

Get inspired at this link.

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