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Bergen is well known for its many rainy days. Not sure if the numbers are correct, but some say more than 300 days a year.
However, we were very lucky and had 3 days in Bergen. All with blue sky and beautiful sunshine!
It is difficult to imagine Bergen as a “Grey” city. All the houses are painted in all sorts of pretty colours, that makes it looks so shiny a bright.

Fløyen (Fløibanen)

There are two ways of reaching the beautiful top of Fløyen in Bergen.
One is to take the Fløibanen (lift) up to the top of the mountain. It departures every 10th minutes and cost 100,- NOK (15 euro) for a return ticket.
The other way to enjoy the incredible view, of Bergen is to walk up. We went on a Sunday, and it seems to be the main activity for everybody!
It was in no way overcrowded, and everybody is able to do this walk. It take around 45min each way and is a bit steep. The walk starts in the very city center of Bergen.

The Lake at Fløyen

When you arrive at the top of Fløyen, a lot of people only go to enjoy the view. They bring/buy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and go down again. However, there is a lake just 5 min walk further into the forest. It´s absolutely amazing and extremely idyllic! In the summertime, you can rent canoes here to sail around in the small lake too.

Ulriken banen

This is another possibility to getting the perfect view of Bergen.
The cable car takes you up way higher than Fløibanen and is the solution the locals would recommend since it is not as touristic.
Since it is a bit further and we only had 2 nights in Bergen, we decided to go for the easy solution (Fløybanen). But we heard it should be dreamy!

Nordnes seawater pool

Located in the beautiful fjord of Bergen you can take a swim no matter which time of the year it is!
It cost 85,- NOK (12 EURO) to enter the seawater swimmingpool which also gives you acces to a lovely sauna.

Recykling system

Norway is one of the greenest countries in the world and Bergen is no different. Bins like these 4 are placed almost everywhere in Bergen city center. The system works as a massive vacuum cleaner. You sort your waste and garbage and the recycling system makes sure that whatever can be recycled and used for energy will be. In some of the major cities, 30% of the energy comes from systems like this a 5% of the heating.
This is something we can learn from everywhere in the world!
If you want to read more about traveling eco-friendly you can read our blog post with 5 tips eco-friendly traveling here.

Clarion Havnekontoret

We always advise people to book an eco-friendly accommodation.
Clarion which is part of Nordic Choice is an eco-friendly hotel chain in Scandinavia. Clarion cares about waste, washing, employees, and food – therefore we support them.

Clarion Havnekontoret is located in the very city center of Bergen and the rooms are so pretty! Besides the excellent service, they also have a full board with great food, where we eat all our meals.

They also have a great tower on the top of the hotels where you can enjoy the sunset over the city.
There is also a sauna and fitness if you are into those things!

You can book your stay here.

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