Travelling sustainably in Scandinavia with AIAYU

This blogpost contains advertisement for AIAYU.

The Travel Book is a travel blog owned by the Danish couple Karoline and Rasmus. We live in Copenhagen and we are in our mid and late 20’s. In the summer of 2018 we decided to go full time on the project. We travelled to Asia at the beginning of November, to pursue our dream of being able to make a living of travelling. However, soon after we began our journey, we realized that something wasn’t right. It wasn’t at all sustainable to make a living out of travelling by aircraft to exotic destinations and commercialized hotel chains – and motive and inspire others to do the same. And being pretty green people privately, we felt sick to our stomachs of being part of glorifying the destructive travel industry!

So one day after returning from Asia at the beginning of 2019, we decided that The Travel Book should now be a sustainable travel blog.

It was very important for us to give something back to nature since nature has given us so many beautiful experiences and memories. We definitely didn’t want a job that harmed nature, just because of a selfish need to travel to exotic beaches to get likes on Instagram.

We wanted to focus on motivating travellers to think more about alternative ways to travel. We made ourselves the promise to only collaborate with brands that either: 1) sold sustainable products, 2) had a sustainable value chain or 3) invested in CSR projects.

On our first sustainable journey, that we named “Nordic Adventure”, we collaborated with AIAYU.

With the Nordic Adventure, we wanted to show our followers just how much you can experience if you travel to your neighbour country! So we borrowed a new hybrid car and drove around Norway and Sweden for almost a month. No flights, no waste, no bad collaborations. And it was our most beautiful journey so far!

We contacted AIAYU, because we knew about all the good things they do in order to make a sustainable clothing brand, and because they inspired us personally to do better. Another thing we really wanted to highlight on our Nordic Adventure was the Scandinavian feeling, which we feel that Aiayu completely rocks. The clean design, the quality fabrics and the natural colour palette. Wearing warm AIAYU knits in the middle of the Scandinavian dessert, surrounded by snow-covered mountains, green trees and brown forest floors felt like wearing camouflage – like being one with nature. It felt so good knowing, that the clothes on our backs weren’t contributing to harming the nature that we love so much.  I guess it’s actually a pretty simple and humane feeling, to feel like you are a part of nature, but it feels so pure – and so right. Like smiling at the warm sun on a spring day, and feeling that genuine happiness.  

In terms of travelling and consumerism, we believe that society is ready for a change. We think that people genuinely want to do better and feel better about their choices because it feels great to have a good conscience. So if you want to feel like you are actually doing some good, while also treating yourself, we recommend you to check out Aiayu’s beautiful clothes. Enjoy your beautiful clothes and good conscience 😉

Best, Karoline

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