We are with our Danish travel blog ‘TheTravelBook‘ traveling to Sweden and Norway at the end beginning of March 2019. We will travel around Scandinavia to inspire our followers to travel more eco-friendly without airplane transportation and to show them the beauty of the Scandinavian landscape. We will travel with an eco-friendly hybrid car and staying in eco-friendly accommodations.

Timeline for Nordic Adventure

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BMW will be our official car partner.
They have provided us with a hybrid car to make sure we drive as eco-friendly as possible.

Fjellreven will provide us is clothing made with sustainable solutions and that will keep us warm!

Danish designer Aiayu has found her way to the design market worlwide with her organic manufacture and still beautiful designs.

ECOO is a Danish brand that has been producing shoes for an eternity! What many people do not know is that they make their production with 0% water.

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