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Read some honest blog post about our lifestyle, what we do and what we believe in.


Meet Karoline!

Last week we tried to introduce you guys to Rasmus, and this week we thought it was time for you to meet Karoline in a short Q&A. No need for a longer intro, you know the drill – let’s do it! How old is Karoline? “I’m 24 and my birthday is October the 30th...


Instagram is killing our account on purpose!

What is up Instagram?? Why are you keeping us from reaching our own followers on @thetravelbook? Why do we have to pay to boost our posts to reach people, who genuinely want to communicate and engage with us? This post is gonna be a peek into the struggles we are experiencing right now...


Meet Rasmus!

We are trying to be better at including you guys in our private life and this week we thought we might just do a short Q&A to introduce ourselves properly to you! In the post, we will introduce you to Rasmus and next week our post will be about Karoline. Maybe we will even do one...

Convenient eco-friendly lifestyle

What is a convenient eco-friendly lifestyle? As you might know, we are super focused on having the most sustainable lifestyle as possible when we are home as well as when we are traveling. However, it is also important for us to have a convenient lifestyle so we can enjoy our life to the...