Asia adventure on pause

As you might see on today’s post on our Instagram, our surroundings have changed. We are no longer in the warm buzzing streets of Ho Chi Minh, but back in the Danish winter cold.

I, Rasmus, unfortunately, suffered from an anxiety attack on New Year’s Eve while having dinner with friends.

It was pretty bad, and sadly that meant that we ended up back in the hotel room before 10 pm. I was fast asleep when we entered the new year, and Karoline watched a movie on her own. Not the most exciting and happy New Year’s Eve. It was a very stressful experience for both Karoline and myself of course. But I feel grateful of the fact that she took care of me…

After 14 hours of sleep, and a long talk with Karoline,

we decided to put our Asia adventure on hold and seek some professional help back in Denmark. Before flying on our Asia adventure my mom told me “Remember, if things get off track, you can always just come home. It’s that easy”. Which is why we are now back in Denmark.

We choose to fly back to Denmark, because

we needed to be in the most safe and well-known surroundings to regain strength and evaluate on our last two months in Asia – but most importantly to deal with my anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety for more than 2 years now, but I am still learning to accept my situation. However, the past two months, my anxiety has affected me more and more often. Sometimes our life might look like its the perfect “Instagram life”. But to live in a suitcase, travel to a new location every 3rd day and not be able to wash your clothes or cook your own dinner, really requires that you are at your best so you can handle the changing locations, people, culture and jobs.

We decided to change our lifestyle and do what we love most to become less stressed

and more balanced, so we need to make sure that we both are thriving with this new lifestyle before we continue our journey. We need to be able to handle a potential anxiety attack on our own when we are travelling if there isn’t friends or any kind of help available.

Also, being back in Denmark gives us plenty of opportunities to visit our Danish partners, rethink our business strategy and evaluate our first part of our Asian adventure. We are still energized and in complete work-mode like usual, this hasnt put a hold on our motivation!

This adventure is not the end of TheTravelBook, but only the end of part 1.

We hope to be back in Asia again in the nearest futures – but my first and only priority is to get better. And I will!



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