North America

The heart of North America beats through towering forests, undulating fields, high-plain deserts, pulsating metropolises and offbeat oases.a.

The complete New York Guide

Why New York? It’s a simple answer – because it’s one of those places you just have to visit more than once! New York feels like our second home. Karoline worked in Manhatten for more than 6 months and Rasmus have been visiting New York 5 times.We´ve spent most of our time in Brooklyn and Williamsburg – due to the fact that these areas simply...

5 unique rooftops for beautiful summer evenings in New York City!

Since I moved to New York City in June I’ve had numerous incredible experiences every day! The city is unlike no other: dynamic, ever-changing and so pulsating that I usually need at least one day each week to find myself and my own pace. There are so many opportunities to have a fantastic evening out in the city that it actually can become a bit tricky to...

Five recommendations for a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles

Five recommendations for a relaxing weekend in Los Angeles

In October I had a long weekend due to Columbus Day and I decided to fly out to LA to visit one of my amazing friends. I stayed at her place and since she had a rental car she eliminated the ‘LA-tourist-transportation-issue’ which I was so thankful for. We didn’t have any plans before I got there so we kinda did whatever we felt like, and that...