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The Travel Books Mission Statement 2019

On our last trip to South East Asia, we received the most beautiful and supportive feedback from our readers on our blog and our followers on Facebook and Instagram. And we are so thankful for that! Every message from you guys really touches us! However, one thing you guys noticed as something we could improve was sustainability. Because of this, Rasmus and I have...

Nordic Adventure

It is no secret that we love to travel! However, during our last adventure in Asia we started to think a lot more about the environment while traveling. It was not only because of the many flights we took. But also the amount of plastic, clothing and all the hotels. So we are definitely no saints but there is always a time to change! This inspired us to put more...


Traveling with anxiety! You are not alone!

I AM NOT ALONE! Just reading these words aloud to myself almost makes me cry… These words motivate and comfort me in a way, that makes me want to keep on fighting this fight against my negative thoughts. Since we started sharing stories about my anxiety on our Instagram account, I have received so many lovely messages and tips and tricks from a lot of you. You have...