Why Copenhagen?

It was actually a difficult task to decide which experiences were better than others in our own hometown, Copenhagen. We wanted to recommend the places that express, not only the local Copenhagen culture but also the Danish culture, the best. Our conclusion was that the local Copenhagen culture is a bit more intercultural and colourfull than most of Denmark, and this is what we have tried to reflect in our choices of recommendations. We decided to recommend some buzzing, urban and intercultural eating experiences, a small peek into the Danish farm industry and a bit outdoor experiences in the Danish nature, which we Danes are so reliant on.


This is one of the best-hidden gems in Copenhagen. Some locals know about this place but definitely not everybody. This old building was housing the production of pharmaceuticals until the late 1980´s. For many years this place was abandoned until 2010 when Lidkoeb was born.
The building is located at the end of a small alley with no signs – so you need to know which gate you have to enter. 
Outside you have a lovely courtyard with lightbulbs and blankets.
Inside on the first 2 floors is a modern stylish bar.
The real secret is located on the top floor which is a true whiskey bar. Chesterfield sofas and chair and an enormous variety of whiskeys from all over the world. Definitely a must see!


1656 Cocktail Bar

This bar is a sister bar to the cocktail bar 1105 in Copenhagen. (definitely also worth a try)
The reason we´ve chosen this one is due to the amazing atmosphere and interior.
The feeling you get when walking into 1656 is very similar to walking into a private party in an apartment where you don´t know anybody. You then find your own corner with your friends, partner or date and suddenly you feel like home.
The cocktails are amazing and the service even better!
1656 is the neighbour to Copenhagen Meatpacking District. A location that´s great for day and night visits. Plenty of urban restaurants, bars, nightclub and food markets.


The Freetown Christiania is a unique area in Copenhagen since it is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood with about 850 residents, which do not meet several of the Danish laws.
Nevertheless, the atmosphere here is very positive and everyone is welcome to visit Christiania to have a beer in the sun a lunch, or just to experience the free state. There is a lot of history about Christiania, which you can experience in their own museum run by the local residents.
You will most likely also experience that you can buy cannabis in Christiania, but have in mind that it’s not legal to sell/buy cannabis in Denmark – regardless of where you buy it.
Christiania is an absolute must-see and is a great example of what issues fill the Copenhagen society debates


Dyrehaven’ is located 25 min north of Copenhagen and you can go by train: take the S-train (the red one) from any station to Klampenborg (the C line). When you get to Klampenborg, just follow the signs saying “Dyrehaven or Dyrehavs Bakken”
The beautiful park has an amazing wildlife with lots of deer, threes and huge fields and is a perfect example of the Danish nature. You will experience that the local Danes use a lot of their spare time taking a run, walking their dog, horseback riding or biking in the forests surrounding Copenhagen. If you find the idea of experiencing the park on a horseback, contact www.fortunensponycenter.dk/kontakt
In the middle of Dyrehaven, you also find ‘Dyrehavs Bakken’ which has the worlds oldest functional roller coaster and a lot of dining possibilities.
If you want to go for a swim after a day in the park, you can use the lovely beach ‘Bellevue’ with white sand and clear water. Bellevue beach is located just 5 min walk in the other direction from Klampenborg train station.

Stedsans – Rooftop Farm/Restaurant

This is a rooftop restaurant located not far from city center.
The unique thing about this restaurant is that they have their own farm on their rooftop, which they use to harvest all the ingredients that are used in their restaurant. You can really taste that every ingredient is made with love from the owners, who has also decorated the restaurant with a Scandinavian touch and cosy lightening. If you are planning a trip to Copenhagen, but don’t have time to visit Denmarks farm industry, this is a perfect opportunity to get a feel of Denmark outside Copenhagen.
Be aware – it’s very difficult to get a table, so be sure to reserve a table in advance.
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