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Places to visit in Lefkada Island, Greece





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Places to visit in Lefkada, Greece.

Rasmus and I are now sitting in Athens Airport and we need to share one of the places to visit in Lefkada with you! We are on our way back to Copenhagen from our two-week vacation in Greece. And I couldn’t find a better opportunity to write a short but very special restaurant recommendation from the Greek island Lefkada. At Lefkada, we stayed at a beautiful private villa for a couple of days. When we asked our sweet host where we should go for dinner, he told us about this very special location that I’m going to reveal for you!

The Rachi restaurant & Fly Me bar is located on the top of a small mountaintop on Lefkada and has without a doubt one of the best views we have seen so far and one of the places to visit on Lefkada! The open-air construction of the restaurant makes it possible for all guests to enjoy beautiful orange and pink sunsets. While dining or drinking at a very fair price. We were actually shocked that they didn’t take a much higher price – as they would everywhere else in the world. But let’s keep that a secret for now, okay?  The food at the restaurant was great, and they also had vegetarian options. Call ahead to order vegan. The service was also great. I accidentally bashed an ashtray made of glass. The waiter just cleaned the glass off the floor with a polite smile and a laugh. While I tried to excuse myself with a joke about how I couldn’t control myself because I hate smoking. The same service and quality go for the bar beside the restaurant. Where we waited before we were seated at the restaurant.

The thing that makes the restaurant and bar so unique from all other places to visit in Lefkada and even Greece. Is the paraglide station right between the restaurant and the bar. While you enjoy a drink or an amazing dinner while all kinds of daredevils throw themselves into the sky and fly out into the sunset. while shouting “Wuuuhuuuuu!” at the top of their lungs! And if you are wild enough, you are more than welcome to join their adventure into the clouds. Watching brave people jump into the sky and glide with the wind around you is such a fun thing to experience. Something we would highly recommend you to see. It really gave us a smile upon our lips to see the enthusiasm on the paragliders faces.

However… When there’s such a fun and special attraction in the neighbourhood the word gets around. There is a pretty big crowd especially at dinnertime so don’t be too late – you might have to wait to be seated. However, the bar next door is connected to the restaurant, so we recommend you to go to the restaurant and ask for a table with a great view. The restaurant will take your name, and ask you to go to the bar and wait to be called upon when your table is ready. You can call ahead and make a reservation if you want to be sure of an early seating. We came a bit earlier than the usual eight o’clock dinner guests. It’s highly recommended if you want to avoid the crowd. Due to the fact that it is such a beautiful and spectacular photo opportunity. Everyone wants a photo to memorize the experience, so there will be other guests with cameras than yourself. Although we almost always try to escape the crowds. We really enjoyed this experience, and will happily recommend it to you.

We hope you can use this recommendation for a bit of alternative inspiration to the traditional island vacation in Greece. We definitely suggest this as one of the places to visit in Lefkada!

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