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Our first few days in Greece!

Rasmus and I arrived in Athens, Greece on Thursday. Since then we have had four days of amazing adventures. We drove from Athens to Lefkada, where we jumped onboard a sailing boat and started the first part of our journey which is 8 days of sailing around small greek islands and 8 days of road trip on the mainland.

We started our journey by picking up our rental car from Athens airport, which was very easy and rather quickly done. Then we drove about three hours from Athens to Messolongion, which was a random stop halfway to Lefkada. We stayed in Messolongion overnight at a rather shady hotel, that probably hasn’t been maintained since the 70’s. Most of the town looked like the hotel: godforsaken, desolate and very poor. While I took a nap after the road trip, Rasmus took a walk outside the hotel and explored the area. He found to our surprise that the harbour of Messolongion is a nexus for modern and nicely decorated restaurants and bars. It was such a relief because I was so tired after the long drive and dissatisfied with the hotel, and the revelation of an amazing dinner spot was just what we needed. At one of the local restaurants, we ordered one greek salad and four starters to share in the belief that they would be small plates as we are used to. We were so naive! The starters were so huge that we weren’t even close to finishing them!

The morning after I went for a quick run on the harbour promenade and then we went to have breakfast at the same restaurant as the day before – So unlike us to eat at the same place twice, but with another long road trip ahead of us we weren’t up for any further adventure that morning.

Three hours later we arrived in the town Nidri on the island Lefkada, where Rasmus’ mother and her husband welcomed us on their beautiful Bavaria sailing boat named ‘Vildrosen’. They have sailed Vildrosen from Denmark to Greece through the Donau river and Vildrosen now resides in Greece all year long. It has already been such a big experience to be onboard Vildrosen, to see so many of Greece’s small local harbours and be a part of the harbour life is truly something we really enjoy. Rasmus and I are both raised by grandparents and parents who have sailed a lot during their lives and therefore it is such a pleasure for us to be on and near the sea.

Nidri was a town that was a bit bigger than the remaining villages we have visited until this point, and it was so much more touristic and noisy to be in. But it was a perfect stop for us to park the car, re-stock the boat and get a decent dinner before sailing out the next morning. We are so excited about our next few days on the boat and excited to experience more beautiful islands before we leave the boat again and start exploring the mainland.

We will update you on our journey in a few days, but now we are going to fish from the boat in a small beautiful turquoise lagoon where we are spending the night.

Until next time,

Hugs Karoline



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