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Malaga Breakfast Tips: Dulces Dreams Boutique Hostel and Café Gallery


Rasmus and I are sitting on an airplane on our way to Athens, Greece, where we are going to spend our next sixteen days driving and sailing our way through the beautiful Greek country. However, before we start on that trip, I wanted to go back a few days to my vacation in Malaga, Spain, which I spent with my very good friend. We were in Malaga for eight days and we arrived back in Copenhagen yesterday, just the day before Rasmus’ and my adventure to Greece. I felt spoiled arriving at Copenhagen airport yesterday, well knowing I would be back within the next twenty-four hours. I am ever grateful for all my travel experiences and I cannot get enough of re-packing my suitcase and daydreaming about the next adventure. However, I am a bit tired this morning and I am really looking forward to a nice breakfast and a strong coffee on this flight!

Being so caught up in travelling and transportation the last few days. Makes it a bit difficult for me to remember which one of my many great experiences from Malaga really stood out. But my hungry stomach and heavy eyes are making me think about this really amazing breakfast place I need to tell you guys about!

Dulces Dreams is located on a very small square in the city center of Malaga. The interior is beautiful and very “Instagram-friendly” decorated. It is possible to sit outside on the nice and quiet square. The waiters are very friendly, warm and speak a little English. We had a bit of a language barrier, but they used their warm charm and smiles to make up for it! The best thing about this place is the breakfast menu. A perfect menu for a vegan foodie like myself, but there is definitely something for everyone. Just to mention a few choices on the menu: Acai bowls, yoghurts, wholegrain toasts with avocado, salmon, cream cheese and many different freshly squeezed juices and coffees. I really enjoy having a large and satisfying breakfast to gain strength so I can embrace the day – especially when travelling because the days can be hectic and full of new impressions. The Dulces Dreams Café really makes sure you get the right kick start of the day.

The prices are generally very fair in Malaga. You can buy an amazing and very satisfying breakfast menu for 8.90 euro, that includes a small juice, a coffee, a small yoghurt and a whole grain toast with salmon, cream cheese and avocado. An acai bowl goes for 4.90 euros.

So that was just a short recommendation from my vacation to Malaga. I hope you can use it for something, either accommodation inspiration or a breakfast idea. Now, I will indulge in my flight breakfast meal – not a very nice comparison to the breakfast I just told you about, but it will do just fine 😉 .

The address is: Plaza de los Mártires Ciriaco y Paula, 6, 29008 Málaga, Spanien

Until next time!

Hugs Karoline

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