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Warsaw – Polen

Why Warsaw?

We’ve never had the chance to visit Eastern Europe – and couldn’t find a lot of recommendations about Warsaw in Poland.
We knew that Warsaw had a terrible history and we had a lot of presumptions about the atmosphere and culture in Poland. Between 1939-1944, more than 400.000 people were killed during World War II and in 1944 only 1000 people lived in Warsaw because the city was completely destroyed by German and Russian attacks.
However, we were very surprised that the atmosphere wasn’t sad at all. The citizens of Warsaw are very welcoming people and they’re very proud of how they’ve managed to rebuild their capital and stay positive. The people of Warsaw are extremely friendly and helpful. The food and culture are amazing. Their beautiful green parks are incredible.

Do yourself a favour, and discover the rough but beautiful history of Warsaw on your own.

Dom Polski – Belwerderska & Park Lazienki

This wonderful restaurant is located a bit outside of Warsaw centre, but is definitely a visit worthy! If you want to dine at the restaurant, we recommend that you walk through the beautiful Park Lazienki.
Park Lazienki is the most well-kept garden we’ve ever experienced! Lazienki has avenues of green trees, lively wildlife, and beautiful lakes. The hidden gem is definitely the restaurant Dom Polski. Unfortunately,  we did not have time to visit both of Dom Polskis two restaurants in Warsaw, however, we recommend the Dom Polski Belwerderska, which is the one located by Lazienki. The restaurant is absolutely adorable. A polish princess-theme inside warms you up and gives you a cozy feeling. The service, staff, and manager were very professional and made the experience at Dom Polski very good!

The food was absolutely amazing. With great help from our waiter, we were recommended to try different polish dishes which blew our minds and their polish white wine was also surprisingly outstanding.
Don’t miss out on either Dom Polski or Park Lazienki, and make it a joint experience. You will not be disappointed

Address: Belwederska 18A, 00-762 Warszawa, Pole
Price: 35€ per person for 3 courses and ½ bottle of wine for lunch
Website: click here

Barbie Lato


Walking out of the centre of Warsaw towards the PGE National Stadion in Praga you find the river “Wisla”.
This place is quiet, urban and has an amazing vibe!
By the waterfront, you will find the casual beach bar Barbie Lato among other pop-up bars.
This place is run by young local polish people who make you feel comfortable at their bar. Beer, juice, and drinks are all very affordable and this place is nothing like the rest of Warsaw. In the weekends and afternoons, the riverside is full of chatting people bringing their own beverages to enjoy themselves. And we understand them. There is nothing like a view and a cold beer in your hand…
Address: Bulwar Flotylli Wislanej, Warsaw, Poland
Price: 3€ per beer and juice
Website: click here

Old Town & Pierogi

Since Warsaw was completely destroyed during the World War II only a few old buildings are left in Warsaw. However, they did find the blueprints and pictures of the buildings in their old town from the 1650’s.
With the blueprints, they’ve now reconstructed the Old Town and it looks exactly like before the World War II. The big square in the Old Town is a lovely and lively place with a bunch of great restaurants.
We recommend you to have lunch at one of their Polish restaurants on the square and have their national dish “Pierogi”. Pierogi is a polish pasta dumpling stuffed with either chicken, meat, spinach or other tasty ingredients. It’s a bit like the Italian pasta, Tortellini.

Address: Rynek Starego Miasta 36, 00-001 Warszawa, Polen
Price: 8€ for lunch per person including a beverage.


BioBazar Fabryka Norblina


This is a small local market with organic food for fans of the kitchen.
The groceries are gathered directly from organic farmers and producers. The bazaar owners appreciate small conversations with the customer, and this creates a cozy chatty vibe in the bazaar. There is also a few food trucks, where you can buy a quick snack or a small lunch. Shop here to get tips on how to make the best traditional polish dishes and get the right recommendations of which local ingredients you will need.
Address: Ul. Zelazna 51/53  róg ?elaznej, Prostej, Warsaw 00-841, Poland
Website: click here

U kucharzy w arsenale

This amazing restaurant is a fusion between traditional polish and French cooking. The food is simple but tastes absolutely delicious. The special feature of this restaurant is, that the chefs prepare and serve their dishes at your table. This is a very fun experience and the chefs have a very cool sense of humor, joking with each other and the guests. If you like to get a more intense experience than this, you can also choose to sit at a high table beside the kitchen. Then you can follow the chefs cooking and preparations from your table.
Lastly, we would like to mention that we have has a very good experience of picking the menus recommended by polish waiters. Their service is remarkable and they really know their menu and their costumer’s preferences.
Address: D?uga 52, 00-001 Warszawa, Polen
Price: 50 Euro per person for 1/2 wine, and three courses
Website: click here
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