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Zürich – Switzerland


Why Zürich?

I was offered a job at our head office in Zurich, an offer I couldn´t resist.
I did not know much about Zurich and Switzerland before I moved here, but my expectations were also not high.
I thought of Switzerland as a country with a stunning nature and a great cuisine – so far I´ve not been disappointed by either of those two expectations.
I work from Zurich Monday-Wednesday which mean I have great possibilities of trying all the restaurants in Zurich.
There are several great hiking routes only a few hours from Zurich and I can´t wait to add a few hiking routes to these suggestions of must see in Zurich.
– Rasmus

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Wirtschaft Neumarkt

This little garden is hidden in the very back of a small alley and impossible to find except if you know what you´re looking for.
It´s a swiss-kitchen with a lot of great local ingredients.
The garden is only open for the summer. It is possible to eat inside but besides the food, the atmosphere definitely the reason for me to return to Wirtschaft Neumarkt.

Address: Neumarkt 5, 8001 Zürich
Price: 40-50 CHF per person for dinner and a glass of win
Website: click here

Rimini Bar

This bar is really difficult to find and mostly used by local Swiss people.
In the daytime, you can swim in the pool, but only if you´re a male!
– In Switzerland women couldn´t vote before 1971 – so this is not abnormal in Switzerland.
You can eat snacks and finger foods at Rimini Bar, but I suggest you go there for a drink after launch.
The surroundings at Rimini Bar gives you the impression of being in a fairytale.
It´s magical and best placed to enjoy a drink!

Address: Badweg 10, 8001 Zürich
Price: 6 CHF per beer and 15 CHF per cocktail
Website: Click here

Frau Gerolds Garten

Frau Gerolds Garten is located in what is called District 5 or Hardbrücke, only a few minutes walk from Hardbrücke train station.
This area is industrial and has a rough look!
The area is rather friendly and you can walk around feeling comfortable at any time.
Frau Gerolds Garten is open every month of the year and you can expect a pleasant day or evening no matter what time of the year you go.
You can get food from a BBQ and drinks from a container/bar – all great quality and a fair price!

Address: Geroldstrasse 23/23a, 8005 Zürich
Price: 25 CHF for dinner and a beer
Website: Click here


The best rooftop bar I’ve visited in Zurich so far.
The Rooftop is rather small and therefore it can be difficult to find a place to sit.
Clouds is located in the top of an office building in District 5. Clouds are not only a rooftop bar but also a rooftop restaurant. The restaurant is rather pricey but has the view of Zurich city – but the view from the bar is also great, so if you want to save some money – take a great Gin&Tonic made with Swiss Gin and Tonic.

Address: Magpul. 5, 8005 Zürich
Price: 20 CHF for a Gin&Tonic
Website: Click here

Thermal Bath

Take a bath in the mystic cave in the old Hürlimann brewery’s hundred-year-old vaulted stone walls and then enjoy beautiful views of Zurich’s skyline from the outdoor rooftop thermal pool.
This is the perfect place to clear your thoughts and to have a quick getaway from the city life of Zurich.
The thermal bath is open all year and the outdoor rooftop pool is heated, so it´s not a problem to go in the winter either.

Address: Brandschenkestrasse 150, 8002 Zürich
Price: 35 CHF for a 1-day pass
Website: Click here

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