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Rome – Italy


Why Rome?

Maybe our overall favorite capital in the world. We love Rome and recommend everyone to pay the beautiful city a visit. Rome has the most charming everything. The most charming streets, the most charming Vespa, the most charming restaurants and the most charming people. The locals are so welcoming and chatty that you instantly fall in love with the Italian culture. The food speaks for itself, and so does the wine! The city is perfect for a romantic getaway, and if you are a little bit in love with someone special before you visit Rome, you will be head over heels for this person when you return from the vacation. In this city, your senses will be awakened like never before. You will enjoy the sunshine in your eyes, sniff in the sweet smell of Italian food in the air, take a sip of a strong and dramatic Italian wine and taste the gastronomic experience of goat cheese topped with walnuts and almonds dipped in honey.
In short: If you are a hopeless romantic and a craving food lover, you have to be crazy if you don’t visit Rome.


Trastevere & Ristorante Al Fontanone

Trastevere is a true Italian area with cobbled streets, laundry hanging between the windows and restaurants with red and white tablecloths. During the daytime, you will experience a nice and cosy atmosphere and in the night it gets a bit more buzzing and electric, very charming.
Our favourite restaurant with a true Italian ‘Mama’ was Al Fontanone with great Italian food. We ordered a plate with specialities, and that is very recommendable
Address: Piazza Trilussa, 46, 00153 Roma


On the top of the biodynamic hotel, Raphaëls is the most amazing rooftop restaurant. The view doesn’t get any better than this! We recommend you get a table around sunset, so you can enjoy Rome from above in both daylight and in the night.
All the food is biodynamic and made within a range of 50km of Rome, great food experience!
It’s a bit more expensive but differently worth it.
Remember to order a table at least 1 month ahead.
Address: Largo Febo, 2, 00186 Roma, Italien


This restaurant has since 1824 been run by the family Roscioli.
It’s a multi-functional deli. In the daytime, it’s a deli and in the evening a very exclusive restaurant with only a few tables. We enjoyed our very romantic dinner in the wine cellar.
They have a 66 pages long wine menu and the food and service are too die for!
Remember to order a table at least 1 month ahead.
Address: Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22, 00186 Roma, Italien

La Maisonnette Ristrot

This is a different restaurant from the rest of Rome. It’s located in the old archaeology part of Rome and the restaurant is decorated with an old modern Italian style. Enjoy a true Italian meal in a different part of Rome.
There’s is a great outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the evening.


Address: Via Giacinto Pullino, 103, 00154 Roma, Italien

Tiber River

The river Tiber River runs through Rome, but especially Trastevere during the summer period is amazing.
Hundreds of festival tents are placed on the riverside, all with different themes. Some with live music and others with couches and drinks.
During the daytime, it’s also beautiful and perfect for a walk.
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